Engineering Services

Our comprehensive integrity engineering services enable you to leverage data and effectively use analytics and modeling to proactively manage risk, assess reliability, and schedule maintenance.

It’s not just about gathering data. It’s how you use it.

Realize the true value of inspection data by using it to effectively reduce risk and optimize expenditure.
Our capability to effectively organize, analyze, and use data to propose solutions enables you to make better decisions—both short and long term. We design data storage and reference systems that support the upload of large amounts of data, enabling effective consolidation, organization, and ease of access.

Data-Driven Analytics and Modeling

Using proactive planning to avoid costly, reactive expenditure
We analyze and correlate data to uncover patterns that can be used to build predictive models quantifying the probability of failure. We use decades of pipeline inspection data to develop the algorithms and analytical methods used to generate optimized asset management programs.
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oceaneering, asset integrity, integrity management, engineering, services, reduce inspection, reduce maintenance
oceaneering, asset integrity, integrity management, engineering, services, proactive planning
oceaneering, asset integrity, integrity management, engineering, services, forecast cost, production availability
Optimize expenditure and eliminate waste 
Reduce inspection and maintenance requirements
Support proactive planning 
Forecast costs and production availability

When decisions are based on calculations and statistical analysis, you can easily identify impediments or deficiencies in current maintenance regimes. This knowledge can also enable you to better anticipate required expenditure—even before an issue arises.

Additional insight enables a calculation of the effectiveness and return on the effort you dedicate to the upkeep of each of your assets. Adopting analytics and modeling to evaluate programs means we can provide you with optimized scopes, rather than plans based purely on a baseline schedule.

Risk, Reliability, and Maintenance

Proactive asset integrity management
Our subject matter experts collaborate to develop comprehensive programs to assess risk, establish reliability, and plan cost-effective maintenance of assets tailored to meet your requirements.

With emphasis placed on critical equipment and systems, our teams define and evaluate performance standards while adopting a true, risk-based approach (RBA) to maintenance. By targeting areas of concern, investment can be better allocated to critical needs rather than arbitrary intervention.

We help you optimize operations.

  • Defining and evaluating performance standards, including maintenance strategies and concepts
  • Completing reliability assessments and developing condition monitoring and test regimes for critical equipment
  • Verifying and assuring quality of maintenance data
  • Developing asset registers and technical hierarchies to support risk classification and consequence analysis
  • Driving change management of maintenance regimes, focusing on optimization
  • Assisting with reporting requirements and ensuring regulatory compliance
  • Completing robust failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA)