Surface and Insulation Management

We support the coating, passive fire protection (PFP), and insulation maintenance of your assets by providing a bespoke range of tailored services, from database creation to complete fabric maintenance program management.

Coatings, PFP, and Insulation Condition Surveys

Our highly experienced, accredited coating inspectors complete detailed condition appraisals, focusing on a single area or evaluating an entire asset. We accurately measure the repair area and report coating, PFP, or insulation condition using industry-recognized standards.

Our technicians can also identify additional areas that need to be brought into scope to best optimize project resources. We generate photographic logs, suggest repair methods, and detail recommended access requirements. If required, we can also assist with survey scheduling.

Quality Control Audits

Third-Party Inspection and Quality Control Audits

We ensure that your fabric maintenance (FM) expenditure is optimized by using our independent expertise and experience to review contractor working practices and performance. We develop audit plans to meet your requirements. We evaluate product selection, coating specifications, QA/QC procedures, and FM strategies.

We also evaluate contractor performance in areas such as blast and coating application; environmental conditions; and paint storage, mixing, and safety.

Fabric Maintenance Program Management

We provide comprehensive onshore and offshore management of FM contractors to ensure that work scopes are completed on time, to budget, and to expectations. Each management program is tailored to meet FM project oversight requirements and focuses on optimizing productivity, reducing cost and downtime, and ensuring safe operations.

  • Complete scope identification and refinement
  • Assist in the tendering process
  • Complete progress and productivity reporting
  • Management of scope change and job cards
  • Offer technical support and guidance
  • Deliver independent quality assurance

The SOLV Concept

SOLV software provides a database that organizes assets into detailed, manageable work units to provide coated-surface and insulation-related long-term plans. SOLV has the potential to help you realize cost savings while enabling the priority ranking of repairs and preventative maintenance.

  • Overview of the current condition status of each element inside the individual work units
  • Predictable, five-year, long-term plan detailing the budget required for maintaining each work unit to your desired condition
  • Detailed, automated work pack production
  • Detailed, automated work pack production
  • Method of monitoring and tracking each scope of work

Holding Coat Application Services

Our holding coat application services provide a temporary solution for arresting corrosion on carbon steel piping systems. A holding coat can be used as a solution to prevent the buildup of superficial corrosion until planned fabric maintenance scopes can begin and to deliver cost-effective mitigation. Our trained specialist inspectors execute the holding coat application workscope in a single mobilization, providing optimized efficiencies and reducing risk.

  • Coating condition assessment
  • Anomaly identification and assessment
  • Area preparation and holding coat application
  • QA/QC of cured application
  • Temporary repair registering

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