C-Nav Positioning Solutions

We solve positioning challenges by using proprietary differential global navigation satellite systems (DGNSSs).

Our dynamic Oceaneering® C-Nav systems deliver precise point positioning (PPP) with worldwide accuracy of better than 5 cm horizontally and 15 cm vertically.* Unlike traditional DGNSS technology, our systems do not suffer from spatial decorrelation, thus providing the same accuracy anywhere in the world.

*At one sigma within adequate Inmarsat and global navigation satellite system (GNSS) satellite visibility

Precision Positioning Solutions

We offer a broad range of receiver options and subscription services. Our expansive hardware and software toolkit supports any navigation and positioning requirement.

We provide comprehensive QA/QC along with ring laser gyro inertial navigation systems and a mean sea surface (MSS) tide application, which combine for exceptional vertical precision and accuracy. Intuitive graphical interfaces and touch-screen displays are incorporated with these tools for simpler monitoring and control.

Installation and Repair

Our systems are user-friendly and easily installed. Engineers are on call 24/7 to answer your queries, undertake ship-fits, and perform installations. Our team is present to assist when an installation requires a specialist or qualified engineer to integrate DGNSS products with specialist bridge systems or dynamic positioning (DP) consoles.
We offer comprehensive repair and maintenance services for our entire product range.

Customer Training

When a workforce requires unique operations or maintenance training, our support staff is available to work with you to create a custom program meeting specific educational goals. Custom programs may include curriculum development, logistics support, and before/after skill benchmarking.

We offer factory courses in which participants learn more about the operation and maintenance of our products with an Oceaneering instructor at one of our six worldwide training locations.

Alternatively, an Oceaneering instructor can deliver product training at your facility, reducing travel costs.

Engineering and Integration

Our engineers and scientists develop and maintain a range of advanced positioning hardware and software solutions for the offshore community. For special applications, we offer tailored solutions for challenging situations and system integration.

Customer Access and Resources

We provide customers with convenient online access to a customer portal, help desk, reference guides, and other resources to help make the most of PPP products and services.
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