Subsea Distribution Solutions

Reduce your risk in harsh subsea environments with our cost-effective subsea distribution solutions engineered specifically for challenging conditions.

Working Together to Reduce Risk and Meet Requirements

Early engagement with customers ensures optimized system design, reduced project risk, and adherence to schedule and budgetary requirements.

  • Top-to-bottom systems reduce vendor management and project risk
  • Experience and expertise are used to deliver reliable systems engineered for long step-outs, ultra-deep water depths, and high-temperature applications
  • Global in-house engineering, analysis, qualification capabilities, and world-class manufacturing facilities mean your systems benefit from continuous investment and improvement
  • Emphasis on manufacturability and maintenance-free operation through the design life of the system

Product Portfolio

From topside to subsea, our systems integrate products designed to meet your requirements.

Umbilicals 1

Subsea Control & Power Umbilicals

Our umbilicals meet the demands of increasingly harsh operating conditions.

Junction plate

M Series Junction Plates

Three standard sizes and ancillary equipment provide versatility for making vital connections.

Flying Lead

Hydraulic Flying Leads

Available in project-specific extruded or bundled thermoplastic hose and steel tube configurations.

Umbilicals png

Subsea Umbilical Terminations

Suit your installation methods and project seafloor conditions.

Ancillary equipment rev1

Ancillary Equipment

Customizeable to meet installation and operational demands.

Distribution unit

Subsea Distribution Units

Accommodate the complete distribution of hydraulic, chemical, electrical and optical functions.

In-house Analysis, Testing, and Qualification

We understand the criticality of your subsea distribution systems and deliver solutions designed to function effectively, without maintenance, through the entire design life.

We deliver peace-of-mind and reliability by designing and manufacturing systems using third party verified approaches that help us predict and demonstrate how products will perform. In-house analysis, test, and qualification capabilities enhance confidence in predictability. This detailed understanding provides you with assurance that systems will function safely and as expected when deployed.

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