Robotics and Automation

Innovative approaches to increase efficiency, safety, and capabilities

We increase productivity and efficiency of operations, enable new capabilities and operations in the field, and minimize human exposure to hazardous situations by integrating robotic and automated technical solutions.

Our robotics and automation solutions support a wide range of applications and industries.

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We incorporate industry-leading robotic manipulators, end effectors and tools, sensors, control systems, and vision technologies to execute mission-critical tasks in highly-complex environments.

Our expertise and extensive experience have established the group’s position as a principal provider of mechanical, electronic, and software support for robotic projects at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Terabot® Manipulators

Keeping military and law enforcement personnel safe

The Terabot family of robotic arms includes a range of multi-degrees-of-freedom (DOF), all-electric manipulators. These robotic systems augment the ability of the operators to work in hazardous environments by limiting or eliminating direct human interaction with dangerous items or situations.

Terabot-S Manipulator

Terabot-S offers an excellent payload-to-weight ratio and is platform independent, enabling the fitting of the manipulator to virtually any unmanned ground vehicle (UGV). The robotic arm features an optional spatially correspondent (SC) master user interface for incredibly intuitive control—enabling the operator to focus on the task, not the robot.

  • Flexible system performs complex tasks
  • Intuitive control greatly minimizes requirements for training and reduces user error
  • Quick-release interface allows easy installation of tools and sensors
  • Supports operations in harsh environmental conditions

In-Space Assembly using Oceaneering’s Small Robotic Arm

Enabling new capabilities in space

Working with industry partners, we developed a robust, highly-capable, and autonomous robotics system. This system is capable of manufacturing and assembling structures in space. Robotics in space enables several new capabilities, including the ability to perform repair and upgrade spacecraft on orbit.

Our robotic system includes a robotic manipulator, gripper with a 6-axis force/torque sensor, and a control module. The six-degrees-of-freedom, 36-inch-reach robotic manipulator and gripper are capable of various movements and tasks.

  • Moving and rigidly supporting payload elements or hardware
  • Moving and assembling payload elements or hardware
  • Supporting 12 lb, fully extended, in a nominal 1G testing atmosphere
  • Precisely grabbing and positioning mating features on hardware

This fully-functional manipulator has completed thermal-vacuum testing and is ready for integration into future flight demonstrations.

ACTOR™ Robotic Crystal Placement System

Eliminating the physical handling of samples

A proven, commercial solution for automating routine crystal screening and data collection at synchrotron beam lines and home laboratories, the Automated Crystal Transport Orientation and Retrieval (ACTOR) system is compatible with almost any goniometer and detector combination.

We have worked closely with crystallographers to ensure that the ACTOR system’s crystal placement system (CPS) is compatible with typical techniques and tools. Engaged design resulted in a system that supports universities, industry, and government labs with an integrated solution that enables drug discovery, improves production-line quality, and supports exploration of new frontiers in science.

The ACTOR system’s CPS performs multiple functions.

  • Allows continuous operation of X-ray diffractometers for high-throughput screening and data collection
  • Improves safety by reducing the human activity near X-ray generators and beamlines
  • Includes magazines to protect crystals during transit and support convenient handling of large crystal batches
  • Enables faster and gentler robotic transfer of crystals to the goniometer
  • Uses common, commercially available cryo-pins

The ACTOR system comprises features that are compatible with many other systems and tools.

  • Reliable five-degrees-of-freedom articulated robotic arm, integrated system controllers, and automated heater preventing ice buildup on the gripper
  • Custom cryo-storage dewar with automated lid, heated frost-free interface, and auto-liquid level maintenance
  • Capacity for five magazines holding 25 mounted crystals each
  • Motorized three-axis stage with one-micron resolution

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