Autonomous Transport Systems

A revolution in group transit technology.

Oceaneering provides self-guided, driverless transit vehicles, each capable of transporting up to 22 passengers, on a dedicated right-of-way. By using pre-programmed routes, our system is able to connect multiple origins with multiple destinations, providing maximum flexibility in service. Governed by a master supervisory system, each vehicle in the fleet is fully integrated into the environment and under continuous control by operations.

Key Differentiators


100% automated opportunity charging – enables hands-free, 24/7 operations.

High Capacity and Speed

Capacity of up to 22 passengers and speeds up to 25mph – the fastest and highest capacity shuttle on the market.

Safety and Efficiency

Safe and efficient traffic management – integrated TOMS supervisory system.

Onboard Storage and Comfort

Ample onboard storage and HVAC – the most spacious and comfortable interior available.

Proven Design

20+ years and millions of miles of proven L4 experience.

Oceaneering Revo 1

The battery-powered autonomous transport system is based on driverless automated guided vehicle (AGV) technology

The system provides a safe, flexible, low-cost, comfortable, and environmentally friendly means of transportation on a 24/7 basis – in virtually any weather conditions – with zero emissions. Its interior is climate controlled and can maintain a comfortable environment for its passengers, even in extreme ambient conditions. Routes and destinations can be pre-programmed or passenger-selected.

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