Grayloc® Products

We deliver industry-leading solutions for critical service piping and pressure vessel systems.


Clamp Connectors

Suitable for extreme applications, the compact connector design features a reusable, leak-free metal seal.


Non-Slam Nozzle Check Valves

High-performance, maintenance-free solution that features low-pressure loss and non-slam response.


Universal Ball Joints

Flexible pipe connections suitable for static and dynamic applications.


Compact Flanges

Lightweight flanged pipe connectors feature a leak-free, reusable metal seal.


Remotely Operated Connectors

Quick opening solution for automated operations, personnel restricted areas, and hazardous or subsea environments.


Closure Systems

Grayloc clamp connectors with integrated supports and hinges to simplify and speed up operations while reducing risk.

We also supply and service a wide range of legacy product lines added to our portfolio via acquisitions. These include ReFlange (E-Con, G-Con, R-Con, C-Con), Securamax, and SMX International connectors, joints, and check valves.

For more than 60 years, Oceaneering’s Grayloc® Products has offered field-proven and industry-leading pressure-containing connectors, flanges, valves, and closure systems. Our products are suitable for use across industries and in your most extreme applications and environments.

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Field Inspection and Maintenance Services

Grayloc offers on-site inspection and maintenance services to convert existing flanges into compact flanges, ensure the integrity of our connectors, and to facilitate the return of worn or damaged hubs to within factory specifications.

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