Human Space Flight Systems

Enabling successful missions

Over a period of more than 35 years, we have developed and delivered thousands of products to support NASA and prime contractor intravehicular (IV) and extravehicular activity (EVA). We are a recognized world leader in the design, manufacture, testing, and maintenance of equipment that supports human space flight activities, and we also offer services to train astronauts—thus ensuring successful missions where failure is not an option.  
We have used our expertise to develop multiple systems.
  • A full suite of tools and equipment for assembly, maintenance, and repair of the International Space Station (ISS)
  • Advanced life support systems for human spacecraft and spacesuits
  • Technologies pushing the boundaries of future spacesuit and spacecraft design

Space Station EVA Equipment Sustaining Engineering

We are responsible for the sustaining engineering, EVA mission support, and inventory replenishment for all of NASA’s operational EVA tools and crew aids, under a subcontract to United Technologies Corporation for NASA’s EVA Project Office.

Our responsibility covers more than 5,000 items and 400 unique designs, including the full complement of ISS tools and crew aids. We are tasked with multiple responsibilities.

  • Resolving anomalies and ensuring compliance with requirements
  • Generating and updating hardware flight safety packages for NASA Safety Panel approval
  • Completing equipment upgrades and replacement of equipment in disrepair
  • Supporting EVA mission planning, EVA training, and on-orbit EVA operation activities as they relate to EVA tools and crew aids

Space Station EVA Tools and Equipment

We provide turnkey design, development, manufacturing, testing, and evaluation services for space station EVA tools and equipment. Products built by Oceaneering Space Systems permanently reside aboard the ISS and meet stringent design and manufacturing requirements.
  • Mission-critical safety equipment
  • Crew safety tethers
  • ISS EVA tool stowage devices

Advanced Life Support Technologies:
Spacesuits and Liquid Thermal Garments

Our technically-advanced space suits protect astronauts as they execute missions. NASA—one of our largest customers—has trusted us to protect its astronauts with advanced life-support technologies for nearly 20 years.

EXploration Spacesuits

Uncompromised safety, increased comfort, and superior mobility

Pressure Garments

Rear entry to increase efficiency and safety in executing missions

Liquid Thermal Garments

State-of-the-art design to increase comfort and safety

Nitrox Gas Breathing System

Enables astronauts and divers to work underwater longer, deeper, and more safely at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL)

Payload and Cargo Equipment Services

Since 1992, Oceaneering has provided high-quality design, development, manufacturing, testing, and operation of hardware that meets the requirements of harsh, pressurized and pressurized space environments.  

Our turnkey approach to development transforms your concepts into ready-to-fly hardware. We have NASA approval authority for safety, stress, and materials analysis. Our product development and support services include a variety of hardware and materials.

  • Cargo bags and containers
  • Logistics platforms
  • Payload hardware
  • Satellite deployers
  • Spacecraft hardware, such as the nitrogen tank assembly and ISS tool boxes

Oceaneering-Manufactured SpaceHab OSS (SHOSS) Box

ISS External Tool Boxes

PicoSat Launcher and Cannister Deployer for the Space Shuttle
We oversee and maintain the dive operations and critical systems at NASA’s Sonny Carter Training Facility at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory

Space photos credit: NASA