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Fixed Offshore Wind

Elevate your project economics with proven, efficient solutions.

Enhancing Efficiency Across Operations

Fixed offshore wind developments are pivotal in achieving global carbon reduction and net zero targets. With decades of experience in offshore energy and complex marine construction, we are equipped to fulfill the specific requirements of your project.

Increase Uptime Availability

Optimize IMR Planning and Execution

Improve Situational Awareness

Trusted Solutions for Fixed Offshore Wind

Our advanced technologies and services meet the demands of challenging offshore applications. Experience working in harsh environments enables us to plan and react to your diverse requirements throughout a project's complete lifecycle.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV enters on waterline

Site Characterization

Our capabilities include comprehensive geophysical, geotechnical, and seismic surveys, enabling precise data collection for informed decision-making in fixed offshore wind projects. Operations conducted from our survey-specific Ocean Intervention II vessel ensure accurate site assessments essential for safe and effective developments.

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Satellites orbiting earth

Survey and Positioning

Decades of experience and access to a fleet of advanced vessels and subsea robotics provide you with safe, cost-effective solutions for site investigations and positioning surveys. Oceaneering C-Nav® Positioning Solutions’ game-changing LEO satellite-based correction service uses Iridium® low earth orbit (LEO) satellites to overcome historic problems of masking and high latitudes, providing the highest levels of redundancy and uptime to support your operations.

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A whale's tale above sea level.

Ocean Perception™ Marine Mammal Mitigation Solution

Our patented Ocean Perception software solution revolutionizes marine wildlife monitoring operations while increasing your operational window to support around-the-clock operations.

The solution uses advanced sensors, acoustic buoys, and a strategically designed and user-friendly interface for protected species observers (PSOs) to streamline operations and overall situational awareness.

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The Isurus ROV overlocking dock in the UK

Isurus™ Work Class ROV

Based on our field-proven Magnum™ ROV system, the Isurus ROV combines optimized hydraulic and propulsion packages with a hydrodynamic design to meet the requirements of challenging environments. Isurus overcomes weather and sea state challenges to increase the operational window, maintaining schedules and reducing costs.

Isurus is ideal for work scopes including installation and commissioning, cable lay, pre- and post-lay cable survey runs, cable messenger wire hook-up, and deploying subsea robotic crawlers for subsea weld inspections.

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Uncrewed Surface Vessel USV works with autonomous Underwater Vehicle AUV with vessel in background

IMRGE™ Fully Integrated, Customizable IMR Solutions

IMRGE™, our fully integrated, customizable approach to IMR transforms the operations and maintenance approach used across fixed wind assets with advanced digital solutions paired with condition monitoring techniques to collect, analyze, and make proactive recommendations that keep your operations safe, compliant, and online.

Our fleet of right-sized, nimble observation class subsea robotics and USVs deliver further advantages including reducing OPEX and dependency on vessel-based activity needed to maintain assets.

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Inspection engineers looking at computer

Operations and Maintenance Programs

We deliver comprehensive operations and maintenance support including Risk, Reliability, and Maintenace (RRM) Engineering, crane inspection, remote monitoring, and splash zone inspection services.

Risk and reliability engineers develop maintenance plans that ensure the operational efficiency, safety, uptime, and longevity of your fixed wind assets, including offshore transformer substations (OTS) and onshore converter substations to and inter array and export cables.

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Our Liberty™ Resident System and Freedom AUV™ subsea

Resident Robotic Systems and Remote Operations

Resident subsea robotic solutions, including our Liberty™ Resident System and Freedom AUV™, can be operated remotely from our globally located Onshore Remote Operations Centers (OROCs).

This approach increases oversight and efficiency while lowering projects’ carbon footprint and risk and integral to ensuring project economics, especially for ongoing operations and maintenance requirements.

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The MSV Ocean Evolution at sea

Vessel Fleet

Our fleet of Jones Act compliant vessels supports diverse project requirements in the Gulf of Mexico and on the Eastern and Western coast of the United States. Our Ocean Intervention II provides a full C-Nav Survey and Positioning spread, can accommodate the Freedom AUV, and our newly acquired USV.

The U.S. flagged Ocean Evolution supports your subsea construction and cable repair projects with the most ecologically friendly and capable Jones Act compliant vessel available in the Gulf of Mexico. Our highly capable Normand Superior and Island Frontier increase our capabilities globally, supporting your diverse fixed offshore wind requirements.

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Panama City cableumbilical manufacturing facility

Cable Repair Services

Our extensive experience and expertise in cable repairs globally enables us to provide you with services that ensure reliability, efficiency, and safety in the repair process.

Our global footprint ensures immediate access to the resources your repair scope demands, from ROVs and vessels to technicians skilled in cable testing and termination. Our flexibility and responsiveness coupled with an uncompromised focus on safety delivers peace of mind that repairs are completed efficiently, effectively, and with minimal downtime for your offshore fixed wind assets.

The AMIC control center in Houston Texas

Marine Coordination Support

Our Asset Monitoring Intelligence Center (AMIC) supports offshore wind marine coordination solutions. Our US-based team offers offshore asset monitoring and protection services, providing a centralized hub for comprehensive, around-the-clock insights into offshore wind assets. With real-time visibility of current asset status, we enhance the decision-making process, optimizing the efficiency of routine and emergency operations.

Our experts specialize in remote processing of collision and encroachment alerts, ensuring accurate and timely notifications to onboard personnel when necessary.

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