We deliver flexibility with our fleet of diving support, multi-service, survey, inspection, and scientific support vessels.

Our integrated, complete vessel solutions combine remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems, project management, installation engineering, advanced technologies, and offshore operational expertise to deliver a first-in-class solution.

Ocean Evolution

Evolving to meet industry demands
When you choose Ocean Evolution, you get more than just a vessel. Ocean Evolution offers a turnkey solution by combining an industry-leading MSV equipped with a complete portfolio of advanced technologies to solve your complex challenges.
Ocean Evolution supports rapid response with the industry’s most ecologically friendly and capable U.S.-flagged subsea construction vessel available in the Gulf of Mexico.

MSV Ocean Evolution | Letter

Ocean Evolution supports advanced life-of-field operations.

  • ROV and diving operations
  • Flowline, umbilical, and pre- and post-mat installation
  • Well abandonment and wireline services
  • Hydrate remediation
  • Subsea pumping
  • Well stimulation and intervention
  • Inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) activities
  • Tree installation and removal
  • Reduces the complexity of managing vendors and scheduling
  • Certified for the transport of hazardous cargo
  • Ecologically-friendly vessel holding a Green Passport
  • Includes the highest number of redundant systems to eliminate need to return to port if there is an issue—increasing uptime and reducing costs

Multi-Service Vessels (MSVs)

Harvey Blue Sea |  | Harvey Blue Sea

Harvey Blue Sea

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 340 ft / 103.7 m
  • Clear deck: 12,435 ft² / 1160.1 m2
  • Kongsberg KPos 21 DPS-2
  • Accommodations: 87 cabins, 150 berths
Harvey Blue Sea New Edited (1) |  | Harvey Blue Sea New Edited (1)

Harvey Blue Sea

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 340 ft / 103.7 m
  • Clear deck: 12,435 ft2 / 1155 m2
  • Kongsberg KPos 21 – DP2
  • One work class Millennium® Plus 220 hp heavy work class ROV
  • Accommodations for 87

MSV Harvey Blue Sea | Letter
MSV HOS Woodland |  | MSV HOS Woodland

HOS Woodland

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 302 ft / 92 m
  • Crane: 250 T AHC Knuckle Boom
  • Clear deck: 10,300 ft2 / 957 m2
  • Kongsberg KPos 22 – DP2
  • Two Millennium® Plus 220-hp work class ROVs
  • Accommodations for 85

MSV HOS Woodland | Letter
Island Frontier |  | Island Frontier

Island Frontier

  • Overall length: 348 ft / 106.2 m
  • Clear deck: 10,171 ft2 / 945 m2
  • Crane: 130 T AHC
  • DP3
  • 1 Magnum® Plus WROV
  • Accommodations for 72

MSV Island Frontier | Letter
Ocean Evolution |  | Ocean Evolution

Ocean Evolution

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 353 ft / 107.6 m
  • Clear deck: 12,595 ft2 / 1170.1 m2
  • Kongsberg KPos 22 – DP2
  • Two work class ROVs (Millennium® and NEXXUS™)
  • Accommodations for 110

MSV Ocean Evolution | Letter

Cade Candies

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 309 ft / 94 m
  • Clear deck: 8,683 ft2 / 807 m2
  • Kongsberg K-Pos DP2
  • Two Millennium® Plus 220-hp work class ROVs
  • Accommodations for 69

MSV Cade Candies | Letter
Brandon Bordelon |  | MSV Brandon Boredon

Brandon Bordelon

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 257 ft / 78.33 m
  • Clear deck: 6,160 ft2 / 572.28 m2
  • DP2
  • Two Millennium® Plus work
    class ROVs
  • Accommodations for 60

MSV Brandon Bordelon | Letter
Ocean Intervention III |  | Ocean Intervention III

Ocean Intervention III

  • Deck capacity; 1,300 tons
  • Overall length: 295 ft / 90.5 m
  • Clear deck: 8,202 ft2 / 762 m2
  • Marine Technologies System Class II DYNOPOS Type Bridgemate DP2
  • Two Millennium® Plus 220-hp
  • work class ROVs
  • Accommodations for 71

MSV Ocean Intervention® III | Letter
Ocean Intervention II |  | Ocean Intervention II

Ocean Intervention II

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 254 ft / 77 m
  • Clear deck: 5,613 ft2 / 521.5 m2
  • Kongsberg SDP-21 DP2
  • Maxximum® 270-hp work class ROV
  • Accommodations for 50

MSV Ocean Intervention® II | Letter
oceaneering, ocean intervention, ROV and diving, vessel, installation, intervention, IMR |  | Ocean Intervention

Ocean Intervention

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 243 ft / 74 m
  • Clear deck: 5,454 ft2 / 507 m2
  • Kongsberg SDP-21 DP2
  • Maxximum® 270-hp work class ROV
  • Accommodations for 50

MSV Ocean Intervention® | Letter

Diving Support Vessels (DSVs)

Ocean Patirot |  | Ocean Patirot

Ocean Patriot

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 240 ft / 73 m
  • Built-in diving and ancillary equipment
  • Dynamic positioning – Converteam DP2
  • Accommodations for 60
    (16 crew, 44 offshore workers)

DSV Ocean Patriot | Letter

Survey and Inspection Vessels

DCIM100MEDIADJI_0005.JPG |  | Ocean Project

Ocean Project

  • U.S. flag – Jones Act compliant
  • Overall length: 200 ft / 61 m
  • Clear deck: 3,000 ft2 / 279 m
  • Accommodations for 50
    (14 crew, 36 offshore workers)

Ocean Project | Letter

Our fleet and operations benefit from a portfolio of modular, globally-deployable installation equipment.

00FW182 |  | 00FW182

Pipeline Reel Lay System

  • Can accommodate up to 4-in flowlines
  • Includes an installation reel, rollers, and straightener
  • Configuration allows for large variances in lay angle
99FW60b |  | 99FW60b


  • Can lay or retrieve 10,000-lb tension (using caterpillar)
  • Supports retrieval of short lengths
  • Can be incorporated with a conventional lay reel
  • System includes two power packs for autonomous operations of carousel and caterpillar, detachable control panel, and backup power supply
06aw21 |  | 06aw21

Flexible Lay Systems

  • 60-tonne, four-track tensioners for installation of flexible products
06aw22 |  | 06aw22

Reel Drives

  • Powered reel drive designed with an integrated reel  
  • Includes spoolable area and partitions, as required
  • Compact design with an integrated hydraulic power unit (HPU)
  • System requires 220V, cooling water, and 90-psi air supply
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Company page Since our founding in the early 1960s, Oceaneering has expanded and grown globally to service several industries such as the offshore energy industry, defense, entertainment, material handling, aerospace, science, and renewable energy industries. In 1964, Mike Hughes and Johnny Johnson formed a Gulf of Mexico diving company called World Wide Divers. The company grew in response to increasing demand for their services and in 1969 merged with two other diving companies to form Oceaneering International, Inc. To solve the toughest challenges, we do things differently, creatively, and smarter. As your trusted partner, our unmatched experience and truly innovative portfolio of technologies and solutions give us the flexibility to adapt and evolve, regardless of market conditions. Our mission is to solve the unsolvable. We thrive by creating industry-changing technically creative solutions for the most complex operational challenges under water, on land, and in space. Our five core values establish a common culture and demonstrate what is most important for us as a company. Since the beginning, the company has transformed from a small regional diving company into a global provider of engineered products and services. Today, we develop products and services for use throughout the lifecycle of an offshore oilfield, from drilling to decommissioning. We operate the world's premier fleet of work class ROVs. Additionally, we are a leader in offshore oilfield maintenance services, umbilicals, subsea hardware, and tooling. We also serve the aerospace, defense, and theme park industries. Underpinning everything we do, safety is not only the foundation of our core values, but it is vital to our unmatched performance record and company culture. The industries we serve are as diverse as they are complex. Whether we are engineering deepwater umbilicals or developing robotics for aerospace applications, the safety and health of our employees, vendors, and customers is an integral part of our day-to-day business. If we are working, then our responsibility is to be working safely. Since our inception in 1964, we have placed a high value on employee safety—from diving services and subsea inspection to vessel-based installation operations. We have and will continue to evolve not only our health, safety, and environmental (HSE) processes, but those of the industries in which we work. Although we have been fatality-free since 1999, our HSE journey goes beyond statistics. As our portfolio of services has grown, we have continued to prioritize and advance our approach to HSE.