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Motion-Base Tracked Ride System

The rugged and dependable EVOLUTION motion-base tracked dark-ride system has been installed in award-winning attractions around the globe for more than a decade. It combines key technologies and patented designs in a unique, dynamic vehicle system that changes how theme parks and attraction operators tell compelling stories and design dark-ride attractions. Our EVOLUTION team works with theme park story tellers on design and engineering for a unique solution, builds the custom vehicles, and installs guidance and dispatch systems that audiences will love while keeping lines moving.

The EVOLUTION system delivers a high-energy, full-motion ride system capable of high-speed pitch, roll, heave, and yaw functionalities. It adds kinetic, dynamic thrills to enhance storytelling effects in traditional and highly media-based attractions. Our high-capacity vehicle cabins can be customized to suit the aesthetic needs and creative requirements of the story and ride environment. Optional upgrades to the base model include integrating an onboard gaming system and dynamic audio effects.


Motion-Base Tracked Ride System

The EVO-6 tracked ride system delivers the functionality of its predecessor, the EVOLUTION system, but has been redesigned to provide a more cost-effective solution in a slightly smaller form factor. This first-of-its-kind, fully programmable, multi-degrees-of-freedom dark-ride vehicle transports guests through the show space in ways never before available to regional park markets.

The EVO-6 system is built for customers who want the cutting edge of immersive, dynamic, media-based and interactive dark rides. With a flexibility of motion programming previously only available in higher-priced point systems, the EVO-6 system delivers a dark-ride experience that rivals the world’s most awarded shows. The system and its innovative ride controls, previsualization (previz) motion programming, and unique track design facilitates installation and commissioning that can be completed in a fraction of the time normally required for dynamic, motion-base ride systems. Optional upgrades include the integration of interactive gaming systems and synchronous audio delivery systems.

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Tru-Trackless™ Motion-Base Ride System

Dark rides have traditionally operated on a fixed rail or even a buried wire track. This required storytellers to design linear experiences, and vehicles had to be sent into the show space in a restrictive follow-the-leader sequence. Our REVOLUTION system uses proven and patented omni-directional automated guided vehicle (AGV) technologies to deliver creative freedom and levels of interaction that were simply not possible with vehicles locked to a fixed track. The REVOLUTION system delivers a solution that provides ultimate creative freedom in dark-ride design. Our REVOLUTION™ and TRU-TRACKLESS™ team members work closely with creative theme park teams to design a unique solution, providing the necessary engineering. We build vehicles and install guidance and dispatch systems that wow park patrons and keep them coming back.

The REVOLUTION system equips storytellers with a method to change the way dark-ride experiences are crafted and how media, scenery, animatronics, and even other ride vehicles can interact with guests. The system offers a transformative solution to storytelling that enables multiple vehicles to be choreographed in a show space, to be sent on multiple different ride paths, and to take alternate routes—thus enabling users to choose between a mild or wild ride experience.

Vehicles can be customized by the REVOLUTION and TRU-TRACKLESS teams to suit the aesthetic needs and creative requirements of the story and ride environment. Optional upgrades, including integration of onboard gaming systems and dynamic audio with synchronous playback, deliver a full range of creative enhancements for the ultimate in storytelling magic. Our patent-pending Organic™ Station innovation enables operators to achieve maximum throughput at the ride's station, regardless of any delays in loading or unloading guests. More importantly, guests in the show space never have their show disrupted by problems or delays in the station, thus enabling a seamless show experience. The ORGANIC™ team works with users to engineer and build unique solutions with custom designs to accomplish the most challenging of installations.

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Suspended Theater™

Immersive 3D and 4D Motion-Enhanced Theaters

Combining the creative genius of Falcon’s Creative Group, the A/V expertise of Kraftwerk Living Technologies, and the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, the future of immersive 3D and 4D motion-enhanced theaters is now available.

The unique Suspended Theater* design brings the unique sensations of flight to life, and adds truly dynamic motion and special effects to enhance a media experience of epic proportions. Suspended Theater technology eliminates the tiresome mechanical set/re-set sequence that is used with other flying theaters to deliver a thrilling and unexpected sequence of actual air time.

Oceaneering engineered this innovative ride system to be elegantly simple, safe, and reliable while offering customizable special effects, high capacity, and low operating costs. Suspended Theater technology delivers the magic that will bring guests back again and again.

For more, visit www.falconscreativegroup.com.

*Suspended Theater is a registered trademark of Falcon’s Creative Group.

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