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Rethink the way offshore operations are run from end-to-end.

Run Your Offshore Operations From Onshore

Oceaneering’s offshore expertise paired with high uptime and communications enables real-time monitoring, execution, and decision making. With your remote operations running from an onshore base, you can increase operational flexibility, reducing carbon footprint, and reducing risk to employees.

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Reduce your CO2 Emissions

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Improve Deck Space Management

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Improve Offshore Flexibility

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Increase Productivity

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Reduce your POB

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Logistics Savings

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Contracts Managed

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Schedule Reduced

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Streamline Data Collection and Make Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Leverage Our Expertise

As the world becomes more communication driven and interconnected Oceaneering has taken the next step and moved personnel executing the operations to Onshore Remote Operations Centers (OROC). Oceaneering started its first OROC in Stavanger, Norway, in 2015. We have expanded across the globe with dedicated sites in Morgan City and Lafayette, Louisiana, and Houston, Texas. Additional locations can easily be added in other locations near the customer's operations base.

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Remote Piloting and Automated Control Technology (RPACT)

Our OROC facilities feature our signature Remote Piloting and Automated Control Technology (RPACT), which enables full ROV piloting via virtual connection technologies such as vessel-to-vessel radio frequency (RF), satellite/Internet, or subsea optical link. Software also supports collaborative control e.g. Onshore pilot flies ROV while Offshore pilot operates manipulators.

Supplemented with preprogrammed and automated commands, RPACT uses video processing software that analyzes video, determines spatial distances, and recognizes shapes to enable hands-free movement of the ROV. This provides an essential pilot aid while operating the ROV over long-latency communication links.

Enabling Technologies

Oceaneering's remote technologies enable real-time decision making thanks to our advanced data communications and cloud software solutions.

Our Satellite Agnostic Intelligent Link (SAIL) Solution combines LTE, Wi-Fi, and Multi-Orbit Satellite Constellations to provide secure communication and networking capabilities, improving our customers’ network speeds from the frustrating dial-up connections of last century. SAIL has been used by our customers to enable the offshore drilling rig of the future, today.

Access and manage your data when and how you need it while monitoring subsea and topside operations from shore. Oceaneering Media Vault (OMV) offers advanced live streaming and archiving solutions to meet your needs for real-time remote monitoring and data analytics solutions.

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