Submarine Rescue Solutions

The U.S. Navy must be ready to respond with a rapidly deployable rescue system in the unlikely event of a downed or missing submarine.

We play a key role in fielding the most capable submarine rescue systems in the world. From development of specifications, through design, fabrication, and system certification, our highly experienced teams support your requirements with their understanding of complex systems and processes.

We continue to provide support to the U.S. Navy and its Submarine Rescue System (SRS) based on our demonstrated expertise, attention to detail, and in-depth system knowledge. This support includes a wide range of operations and technologies

  • Vessel of opportunity operations, analyses, and selection criteria
  • Vessel mooring and dynamic positioning systems
  • SRS mobilization improvements, system integration and verification testing, and ongoing integrated logistics support (ILS) management
  • Intervention systems including ROVs and atmospheric diving systems (ADS)
  • Search, tracking, and navigation/positioning systems
  • Participation in international rescue system operational exercises

We engage the international community through participation in the NATO Submarine Escape and Rescue Working Group (SMERWG), which encourages the development and implementation of military standardization in the global submarine forces.

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