Pipeline Repair Connections (PCRS)

Our portfolio of pipeline repair connections meets your requirements for planned and unplanned pipeline intervention.

Complete solutions for compromised pipelines

We provide the engineering and hardware required to address issues from minor defects to catastrophic failures that result in adverse effects, both environmentally and economically.

Our integrated, turnkey coating removal, pipeline preparation, inspection, and repair solutions provide optimal results.

  • Deliver cost efficiency
  • Streamline activities
  • Maximize uptime
  • Ensure safe and timely flow assurance

Smart Flange Plus Connectors

Our field-proven connectors attach to and seal against the pipeline or riser to enable the safe completion of permanent subsea repairs, providing a robust, structural connection point subsea. These connectors are capable of withstanding full pipeline axial, bending, and torsional loads while maintaining full line pressure integrity.

  • Used to complete thousands of repairs in shallow-water to ultra-deepwater applications
  • Eliminates the need for hyperbaric welding
  • ROV-operated hydraulic smart flange (HSF) connectors support diverless applications

Hydraulic Double Grip and Seal Connector

The hydraulic double grip and seal connector builds on the success of our field-proven technologies and delivers a solution for deepwater connections between existing subsea pipelines. This connector’s design includes the internal components of two sets of our hydraulic smart flange connectors.

  • Suitable for deepwater applications
  • Provides a robust, structural connection
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Smart Clamp

Our smart clamp helps you avoid costly shutdowns and expensive hyperbaric welding by repairing damaged or leaking pipelines with our diver-installable and diverless permanent repair clamp. The smart clamp design, available in structural and non-structural versions, provides a permanent, high-quality seal, reinforcement, and pressure containment within the encapsulated area for the duration of the design life of the pipeline.

Smart Tap Fitting and Hot Tapping Services

Our smart tap fitting enables efficient operations with a flanged branch for hot tapping an existing pipeline and tying in a new, lateral pipeline.

  • Enables tie-in to existing an pipeline without a pipeline shutdown or hyperbaric welding
  • Permanent, high-quality seal suitable for design life of pipeline
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B-CON Misalignment Ball Connector

The B-CON misalignment ball connector is designed to increase installation efficiency when working with piping and pipeline systems where misalignment of connecting pipe ends is a challenge. The B-CON connector has performance characteristics and versatility that exceed those of welded pipe or conventional flanges. While primarily intended for subsea piping operations, the B-CON connector is a valuable piece of equipment in any application—topside or subsea—where misalignment is a concern.

  • Significantly reduces subsea pipeline connection installation time
  • Provides a leak-tight metal seal
  • Suitable for topside and subsea installation

Additional Pipeline Repair Solutions

Provides solutions for pipeline pigging

  • Available in symmetrical and asymmetrical forged or cast designs
  • Pigs can be deployed from either inlet branch toward a single outlet
  • Industry-accepted intersection supports most common pipeline pigs

Enabling planned and safe mechanical separation

  • Intentional separation protects pipelines from overloading
  • Prevents damage to such structures as platforms, risers, offshore tankers, and pipeline tie-ins
  • Provides a controlled release in unplanned situations

Providing a cost-efficient solution to maximize the safety and efficiency of riser repairs

  • Field-proven solution
  • Vents hazardous vapors away from the workstation
  • Does not require flooding or purging the riser

Designed to enable easy alignment of bolt holes during flange makeup

  • Supports free rotation around the inner weld-neck hub to enable accurate positioning of bolt holes
  • Suitable for use with common flanges including those defined by ASME B16.5, MSS SP-44, and API 6A

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