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Oceaneering’s Number One Ethic is the safety, health and well being of its employees, contractors, customers and the public. No job is so urgent that it cannot be done in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Oceaneering will foster an atmosphere that focuses on prevention of incidents and protection of the environment. Safety will never be compromised.

Safety as a Core Value

Oceaneering believes that each manager must give HSE issues the same amount of attention, effort and importance that is placed on production, quality, costs and morale. While priorities shift based upon the needs of the business, core values do not change. This is consistent with our approach that safety is our number one ethic and will not be compromised.

Health Safety and Environmental Management System

The purpose of this HSE Management System is to provide the framework and tools to manage evolving HSE issues quickly and easily while meeting a high standard of HSE performance and the expectations of both our clients and regulatory authorities. Our goals are simple- we do not want any of our employees, contractors or visitors to get injured, we do not want any damage to equipment and we do not want to harm the environment.

Oceaneering Approach

Oceaneering achieves results through a management by objectives process. Objectives are developed each year and managers are held accountable for the results. The delivery of HSE performance and continuous improvement is an integral part of this process.

The elements and expectations outlined in this Level 1 HSE Management System apply to Oceaneering operations worldwide. This framework provides a broad base of HSE Expectations which will help managers set the HSE direction and focus their efforts and resources. Due to the complexity and diversity of our operations the system is performance based. In basic terms the expectations state what is needed, each operation can determine how they will meet the expectation. In addition, the magnitude and depth that is needed regarding a particular element will depend upon the nature and scope of the business, the risk profile and the regulatory environment.

The details of how the expectations will be accomplished can be determined by each operation with the support of the HSE Department.

The elements in the HSE Management System are:

  1. Leadership and Accountability
  2. Risk Assessment
  3. Operations
  4. Training
  5. Design and Construction
  6. Management of Change
  7. Third Party Services
  8. Incident Reporting and Investigation
  9. Emergency Preparedness
  10. Environmental Management
  11. Assessment and Continuous Improvement

Every business within Oceaneering must address these level 1 expectations and develop and implement site specific systems, procedures and processes. Simply stated our level 1 policy and system are the boundaries in which all of Oceaneering must operate. Level 2 processes are provided as resources to further define the HSE tools, hazards, regulatory, client and company requirements. These tools are used as resources to develop level 3, site specific systems, processes and procedures. Each Sr. Vice President, Vice President and General Manager in the operating divisions are accountable for implementing this comprehensive HSE Management System. Accountability for this effort cannot be delegated. The HSE Department is responsible for providing the tools, resources and technical assistance to the operating groups.

In order to effectively measure our progress and effectiveness of our system we have established incident and injury reporting and training requirements. We have developed an online system, which will aid in the collection and analysis of our statistics. These requirements are contained within the elements and expectations.

Oceaneering management believes that no set of standards, rules or procedures can be developed which can address every operational situation that may be encountered, thus no one may assume a safe operation will result by blindly following established guidelines. Our approach focuses on hiring the best and brightest people, providing world-class training, and resources so all employees have the knowledge perform their work in a safe and environmentally sound manner.


The Corporate HSE Steering Committee, which is comprised of the CEO, Executive Vice President, Sr. Vice Presidents of each Operating Group and the HSE Vice President, meets on a bi-weekly basis. Reviews of each operating group’s HSE process and performance are conducted during these meetings. In addition, HSE Assessments are conducted by the HSE and Operations Departments on a periodic basis. These assessments include interviews with a cross section of employees ranging from Sr. Leaders to technicians as well as workplace observations and a review of key processes.

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