ROV Technology

Our unmatched fleet of ROV systems is complemented by cutting-edge technologies that enable better control and video imaging, precise tool manipulation, and adherence to industry requirements.

Remote Piloting and Automated Control Technology

Our innovative remote piloting and automated control technology (RPACT) enables full ROV piloting via virtual connection technologies such as vessel-to-vessel radio frequency (RF), satellite/Internet, or subsea optical link.

Supplemented with preprogrammed and automated commands, RPACT uses video processing software that analyzes video, determines spatial distances, and recognizes shapes to enable appropriate movement of the ROV. This provides increased operational support from onshore or another vessel during complex or long-duration activities.

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Integrated with RPACT, Tool Instructed Path (TIP) Control enables easy acquisition, deployment, operation, and docking of tooling. Our spatially correspondent manipulator arms can be operated via rate control, spatial correspondence, and TIP. This simplifies and quickens pilot manipulator tasks by providing alternative controllers, such as a 3D ball mouse, to control the path of the manipulator and tool without the need to individually control each joint.

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Onshore Remote Operations Center (OROC)

Optimize operational efficiency while reducing your costs, HSE risk, and carbon footprint by using an Oceaneering Onshore Remote Operations Center (OROC) to complete your offshore operations.

Launched in 2015, the OROC enables the effective completion of offshore operations by providing a remote base for your representatives, additional ROV pilots, and subject matter experts. Operations completed using RPACT and the OROC range from the installation of subsea anodes to operating subsea valves. The applications are only as limited as your imagination.

Using OROC offers clear benefits

  • Fewer individuals mobilized offshore and reduced operational wait time
  • Cost for multiple operations requiring specialist oversight can be covered with one visit to the OROC
  • Increased customer representative interaction and engagement with ROV pilots and operations

Advanced Visualization Technology

We were the first in the industry to provide high-definition (HD) video in subsea operations. We have more than 300 HD cameras installed on our work class ROVs and in other offshore projects worldwide.

4K Video

Real-time, ultra-high-resolution transmission and increased projection surface visibility for improved decision making

3D HD video

Enhanced pilot manipulation through better depth perception and state-of-the-art stereoscopic imaging

HD Video

Complete, easy, and affordable subsea imaging, enabling pilots to view ROV manipulators and the entire worksite without panning

VTAP Software

Predictable execution of ROV-based subsea tasks, which increases operational efficiency and reduces risk of damage to subsea assets

Hybrid Arm Manipulation

We offer the Atlas Hybrid manipulator arm for use exclusively on our ROVs. The manipulator was designed in conjunction with Schilling Robotics and offers ruggedness, ease of maintenance, and optimized uptime.

The manipulator arm features a unique hybrid control system, which provides the ability to quickly select a control mode (spatially correspondent/closed-loop or rate/open-loop) during operations. This enables the operator to select the control mode that best suits the task while providing redundancy.

API Standard 53 and Intervention Solutions

API Standard 53 was released in 2012 as the culmination of two years of work by industry experts working together to strengthen, align, and clarify requirements for BOP equipment. As an integral part of this development process, we offer equipment that enables you to comply with the latest ROV intervention requirements.

AJA 7532 FIXED sm

We offer the ROV Integrated Pumping Solution (RIPS) as part of the NEXXUS ROV system. The solution is also available as an upgrade kit or stand-alone accumulator system.

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