Counterbalance Forklift

MaxMover™ CB D 2000

The versatile MaxMover™ CB D 2000 accommodates a variety of load types of different sizes and weights.

MaxMover™ CB D 2000

MaxMover™ CB D 2000

Solve operational challenges and overcome labor shortages with innovative mobile robotic solutions based on autonomous technology. Specifically designed for use across warehouse logistics, manufacturing operations, distribution centers, and assembly lines, the MaxMoverTM CB D 2000 offers a true replacement for conventional counterbalance forklifts.

Load Types
  • Conventional pallets (GMA, EUR)
  • Specialist automotive pallets
  • Racks
  • Carts
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AGV Vehicle Features Icons Set 01 Drive speed small

Drive Speed

Up to 6.6 ft/s | 2 m/s

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Navigation System

Natural feature

AGV Vehicle Features Icons Set 01 Handling height small

Lifting Height

Up to 196 in / 500cm
(Dependent on mast options)

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Maximum Payload

Up to 4,400 lb /
2000 kg (20 in /
500 mm load center)

MaxMover™ CB D 2000 - Counterbalance Robot

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