Entertainment Systems (OES)

We contribute to the cutting-edge development of theme park technologies with dark ride vehicles, show systems, and custom solutions.

Helping Storytellers Move Your Audience™

What makes the themed entertainment industry so appealing is the imagination and creativity of the storytellers who create memorable, thrilling attractions. We thrive on helping storytellers deliver the next big thing in entertainment. We listen to storytellers and use their ideas and imagery to create ride experiences that embellish—but never overpower—the story.

Our REVOLUTION, EVOLUTION, EVO-6, and Suspended Theater ride systems continue to excel in the theme park market, and are the go-to solutions for customers looking for dynamic, industry-leading guest experiences.

Putting Ideas Into Motion

Our project managers, designers, engineers, and experienced programmers listen to your creative challenges and use decades of experience to deliver solutions. Our ability to interpret the vision of the industry’s most talented creative designers and our unrivaled engineering expertise supports the collaborative development of compelling shows and powerful experiences.

Integrated Approach. Optimized Results.

As part of a large, diverse company, Oceaneering Entertainment Systems (OES) benefits from the experience, talents, and resources that make up the greater organization. We have incorporated best practices and lessons learned that have been gathered by our global workforce over the last 50 years.

Oceaneering core technologies are designed to function in the world’s harshest environments and our products for the theme park industry are no exception. You can count on our unparalleled quality, service life, and commitment to deliver products and services that stand the test of time.

We know safety is a top priority, and our systems are designed to be fail-safe in any condition. We complete comprehensive failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) to ensure visitors’ safety and to simplify the operator’s role by incorporating engineered safeguarding.