May 24, 2017 — Houston, Texas — For the fifth year in a row, Oceaneering International Services Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Oceaneering International, Inc. (Oceaneering) has been honored with the SABIC Europe EHSS Contractors Gold Award for its exemplary environment, health, safety, and security (EHSS) performance. The award recognizes the operational excellence of Oceaneering with regard to safety performance while executing nondestructive testing (NDT) and inspection services at SABIC’s Wilton and North Tees plants.

“This is a great achievement and testament to the continued commitment of everyone involved. All personnel, from the UK management team to the site operations workforce, share the belief that safety is an attitude of mind, and they encourage this attitude and behavior 24 hours a day,” said Ian Forsyth, Oceaneering NDT Manager.

For its outstanding EHSS performance, Oceaneering has also previously received European Contractors’ commendation certificates, along with the European Contractors’ Bronze Award, and the SABIC European EHSS Contractor Program’s Bronze Award.

“As a company, we are extremely proud of our growing reputation and excellent safety record. We will continue to work closely with SABIC to maintain our exceptional service levels and enviable safety record,” said Grant Robertson, Oceaneering UK, Norway, and West Africa Regional Manager.

Since 2006, Oceaneering has continuously provided NDT and inspection management services to SABIC UK Petrochemicals at its Teesside plants. Before 2006, Oceaneering operated on the site for the previous owners, Huntsman Corporation and Imperial Chemical Industries.