Case Study

Inform Predict™ Analytics Software leveraged historical data to identify key test points to help the client avoid over-inspecting assets.


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North America

In March 2023, a major operator contracted Oceaneering to use our Inform Predict Analytics Software to improve inspection planning and execution for one of its rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Our Solution

Oceaneering integrity engineers completed an import of approximately 30 years’ worth of inspection results and equipment data from the customer’s integrity data management system (IDMS) and historical pdfs.

The scope covered the entire asset, inclusive of pipework and vessels, and was completed to provide the customer with an alternative to labor, cost, and time intensive development of a risk based inspection (RBI) program.

Over a four-week period, the Inform Predict software used advanced algorithms to cleanse and correct the data inputs. This exercise generated a proposed inspection program based on the criticality of equipment and identified inspection points which were grouped into risk categories. The software was able to differentiate inspection test points, confirming high-risk test points requiring inspection and noting test points deemed safe in all reasonable scenarios.

Corrosion engineers used the outputs generated by Inform Predict to complete field inspections, confirming actual material loss measurements and assessing the state of equipment.


The outputs of the data analysis have been shared with the client and their corrosion engineers are using the information to complete field inspections.

By leveraging the software’s ability to analyze data rapidly and effectively, the client has been able reduce the inspection scope across the asset by more than 50 percent.

The previous approach of using repeated inspection and predefined intervals had resulted in historic over inspection, increasing cost and exposure for inspection personnel. Inform Predict not only delivered a data driven RBI more cost-effectively and faster, but it also increases the accuracy and likelihood of identifying the key test points. Upon completion of inspection at the critical test points, the client will be equipped with information that confirms the accuracy of Inform Predict.

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