Millennium Plus ROV

Millennium Plus ROV work class system

220 hp Heavy Work Class ROV

The MILLENNIUM® Plus ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) is a side entry cage deployed, dual manipulator 220hp heavy work class ROV. The cage and Tether Management System (TMS) supplies an additional 110hp, is capable of powering skids and also has thruster control and auto heading features.

The Millennium Plus is easily serviceable, accepts many tooling packages and has simple survey integration capabilities. These characteristics accommodate heavier construction and completion work scopes. The Millennium Plus system employs microprocessor based telemetry to minimize maintenance, decrease set up time, simplify troubleshooting and to provide automatic control functions.

Fiber optics are used as the primary transmission link for all video and data signals between the vehicle and the surface control console. This allows extremely high quality video transmission as well as plug and play installation of sensors and equipment.

Fly-by-wire station keeping system
220hp ROV & 110hp TMS
Depth rating - 10,000 fsw (13,000 fsw optional)
HD & 3D HD cameras
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