ROV Systems

Our ROV fleet includes work class and inspection systems fit for applications from routine to extreme. As the industry evolves, so do we—our ROVs comply with API intervention standards and are rated for deep waters.

Heavy Work Class ROVs

From deep water depths to extreme lifting requirements, our heavy work class ROVs increase efficiency and decrease downtime.

Nexxus AJA 7532 FIXED sm 2


Our high-power, heavy work class ROV system meets the API Standard 53 requirements for BOP intervention. With heavily increased tooling capabilities, the NEXXUS ROV is designed to meet next-generation intervention requirements.

Magnum Plus ROV2 2

Magnum® Plus ROV

The powerful Magnum Plus ROV delivers enhanced flight control in a smaller package. Reliable and easily maintained, it provides a 170-hp, high-thrust, tophat- or cage-deployed system designed for subsea intervention and deepwater tooling.

Millennium Right side Low 2

Millennium® Plus ROV

This powerful ROV features a dual-manipulator, 220-hp work class system with an enhanced thruster configuration that increases lift capacity by more than 50% compared with the standard Millennium ROV system.

Work Class ROVs

The latest electric propulsion technology reduces the environmental impact of our work class ROVs.

190717 Isurus Skin 1

Isurus™ ROV

The Isurus™ ROV builds on the success of the Magnum® Plus by combining experience, reliability, and full work class capabilities with best-in-class performance in high-current environments. The Isurus™ ROV enables activities in severe current conditions and is ideal for renewables and high-speed ROV surveys.

E Novus1 ROV

eNovus ROV

The compact work class eNovus ROV is the newest addition to our fleet and is powered by an environmentally conscious, 150-kVA electric (235-hp hydraulic equivalent) propulsion system. This vehicle maintains work class manipulator capabilities via a dedicated hydraulic circuit.

Resident ROVs

Intervene faster, keep production online more effectively, reduce your carbon footprint.

220823 Freedomcutout

Freedom™ ROV

Freedom provides a new level of flexibility and efficiency while performing common ROV tasks, including survey, inspection, valve and torque tool operations, manipulator-related activities, and underwater inspection in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) operations.

liberty cutout

Liberty™ Resident System

The Liberty­™ Resident System is a battery-operated solution that will go subsea with a surface buoy. It will work with any work class, resident vehicle system.

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