Liberty™ Resident System

 Mobile Resident Docking Station for ROVs and AUVs.

Increasing Efficiency

Fully Self-Contained Docking Station for Remote, Resident Operations

The Liberty™ Resident System is a fully self-contained docking station for ROVs and AUVs with 550 kwh of battery power for remote, resident operations. It can communicate with an Onshore Remote Operations Center (OROC) via an integrated buoy, rig downline, or subsea infrastructure connection.

Reduces vessel days required to complete operations

Minimizes carbon footprint and total cost of ROV operations

Optimizes schedule by releasing deployment vessel for other operations

Supports 24/7 operations independent of vessel port calls

Less affected by surface weather conditions for operations

Multiple Use Cases and Work Scopes

The system enables completion of work scopes including inspection, commissioning, valve operations, pipeline isolation, leak testing, conductor guiding, pigging, and unexploded ordinance surveys.

The Liberty™ Concept of Operation

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Liberty™ Resident System

Designed Using a Modular Approach

The Liberty™ Resident System is a vehicle agnostic mobile docking station. It can support either remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) operations. The system is easily adapted to meet diverse requirements for communications, power, and connectivity.

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Force Multiplier Across Operations

The Liberty™ Resident System acts as a force multiplier when used alongside inspection, maintenance, and repair (IMR) operations. The system can be deployed subsea, enabling the IMR vessel to move to another location to complete simultaneous operations.

Significantly Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

When quantifying the yearly CO2 emissions the Liberty™ Resident System eliminates when compared to a vessel-based ROV spread, the numbers are significant, dependent on use case.

The system frees up vessels to perform other tasks while the Liberty™ Resident System supports operations subsea.

Solely Operated from an Onshore
Remote Operations Center (OROC)

The system is solely operated from an Oceaneering’s OROC via a 4G LTE connection from a buoy on the water’s surface, eliminating the requirement for a surface vessel onsite. Piloting ROVs from onshore is made possible using Oceaneering’s proprietary remote piloting and automated control technology (RPACT). By safely transferring ROV control data and live, high-definition video via high-bandwidth 4G LTE network, we maintain full control of the ROV and its tooling.

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