Isurus™ ROV

Put float back into your offshore wind installation project. The Isurus™ ROV is a true work class system that enables operations in high current conditions. Increase your working capability with up to six additional hours of operational time.

Based on Oceaneering’s field-proven Magnum™ ROV system, the Isurus ROV combines optimized hydraulic and propulsion packages with a hydrodynamic design to meet the requirements of challenging environments.

Increase your weather windows in challenging currents

Boost your speeds up to 5 knots in forward and reverse

Reduce your costs

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Isurus ROV

A true work class system

Challenging conditions

The Isurus ROV increases operational windows in areas such as West of Shetland in the U.K. North Sea, India, and Brazil where high currents can affect operations. A true work class ROV, Isurus integrates full-sized hydraulic manipulators, handles the same loads as a Magnum ROV, and can deliver the same power-to-payload to devices.


Isurus is capable of achieving 5 knots in forward and reverse, lateral speeds greater than 2 knots, and a vertical speed of 1.3 knots. Equipped with advanced vehicle control, navigation, and optional stationkeeping functionality, Isurus enables work to be completed more efficiently, on-time, and cost-effectively.

Renewables ready

The Isurus ROV is ideal for renewables project work scopes, including cable lay, performing pre- and post-lay cable survey runs, cable messenger wire hook-up, and assisting with the deployment of subsea robotic crawlers for subsea weld inspections.

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