ROV Systems


    Oceaneering NEXXUS ROV System

    High Power, Heavy Work Class ROV System which meets the API Standard 53 requirements for BOP intervention   Heavily Increased Tooling and BOP Intervention Capabilities Our NEXXUS is designed to meet new demanding tooling intervention and API Standard 53 requirements.   NEXXUS Features Integrated API S53 compliant system Full power available for ROV and tooling […]

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  • Millennium Plus ROV

    Millennium Plus ROV work class system

    The Millennium® Plus ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is a powerful cage deployed work class system that incorporates the latest technology for improved performance and less maintenance. The ROV’s design features a dual manipulator, 330 hp work class system with an enhanced thruster configuration that increases lift capacity by more than 50% when compared to the standard Millennium ROV work system.

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  • Magnum Plus ROV

    Magnum Plus ROV System

    The Magnum® ROV (remotely operated vehicle) represents the backbone of Oceaneering’s fleet of powerful work class ROV systems with deepwater capabilities. Reliable and easily maintained, the ROV provides a 170 hp, high-thrust, cage-deployed system that is designed to accommodate underwater intervention tasks in support of oil and gas drilling, construction, and production activities.

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  • Maxximum ROV


    The Maxximum® ROV (remotely operated vehicle) is a cage deployed, dual manipulator 300 hp work class ROV system. Enhanced thruster configuration provides center lift capacity of nearly 3,000 lbs and forward pivoted bollard lift capacity in excess of 1,800 lbs. The system employs a microprocessor-based telemetry system to minimize maintenance, decrease set up time, simplify troubleshooting, and provide more automated control functions. Tooling control is accomplished external to main telemetry in order to maintain both flight control and tooling control at maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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  • Spectrum ROV

    Spectrum ROV

    The Spectrum represents a new generation of Oceaneering’s fleet of light electric work class Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) with deepwater capabilities up to 3,000 MSW.

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  • Omni Maxx ROV

    Omni Maxx ROV

    The Omni Maxx ROV is a true deep water Observation and Inspection system. It is designed to operate as a stand-alone system. The development of the Omni Maxx system leverages that of our satellite ROV system, the Sea Maxx. The system consists of the ROV and a tether management module with 250 meters of tether cable. Powerful Stand-Alone System Stunning […]

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  • Sea Maxx Satellite ROV

    Sea Maxx ROV

    Oceaneering subsidiary Deep Sea Systems (DSSI) has designed and built the Sea Maxx Satellite Remotely Operated Vehicle (SAT-ROV) to work in tandem with work class ROVs at depths up to 4,400 meters. This SAT-ROV is deployed from a separate housing welded beneath the work class ROV.

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