ROV Simulations


Oceaneering International, Inc. provides ROV simulation services to its customers through the VROV* brand simulator under license from GRI Simulations Inc. VROV simulation is a realistic simulation platform for equipment staging, development of procedures, design validation and training. Importing standard electronic drawings into the simulated environment allows the software to create a powerful and efficient project preview and assessment tool. VROV simulation users can study, map and simulate entire fields accurately from the earliest stages of conceptual development through post-job analysis.

The VROV simulator can easily be configured to depict various levels of visibility, sonar noise, bottom type, surface action and water current conditions. Hazard identification, procedure development, equipment integration testing and cost reduction are key applications it provides. ROV pilots can test and hone their intervention skills, learning job tasks before performing the actual work.

The VROV simulator system delivers unparalleled collision dynamics, defined as the science of how objects interact in a virtual environment. Precise site familiarizations, rehearsals, evaluations and documentation can be provided for customers worldwide. Multiple camera view, virtual 3-D image rotation and zoom features allow real-time viewing of all major subsea equipment.

*VROV is a trademark owned by GRI Simulations Inc.