ROV Personnel & Training

Oceaneering ROV personnel are the best trained in the industry. Oceaneering International, Inc. opened the world’s first Work-Class ROV Training Center in 1996. Expanding far beyond the original site in Morgan City, Louisiana, full training centers with simulators are also located in Norway, Scotland, Brazil, and Indonesia. Satellite facilities are maintained in several other countries.

Oceaneering ROV Technician working offshore India

The training centers house multimedia-equipped classrooms, electronics and hydraulics laboratories, and a fully functional ROV with a complete control suite. Much of the curriculum focuses on the ROV simulators used for pilot training. Working at the simulator console, trainees learn basic flying skills and experience many of the challenges of offshore operations – before they are ever sent on their first jobs.

New Oceaneering ROV systems are equipped with portable simulators to support further pilot training from offshore locations.

The following organizations have audited Oceaneering’s ROV Training Program and certified its professional status and instructional quality:

International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA)
Louisiana Technical College System (LTCS)
National Council for Occupational Education (NCOE)

All instructors have received certification from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD).

Manipulator Maintenance Training in Angola

Oceaneering now offers an “Introduction to ROV” course in Batam, Indonesia. For more information, visit this link.