Oceaneering diver or ROV dredges excavate pipelines for abandonment, inspection, and IMR work, by removing clay, rock dump, and other sediments.


Pile Dredging

Oceaneering Pile Dredges are used for abandonment purposes and new field development. The Electric Powered Pile Dredge, for deepwater applications, uses high powered jets of water to remove the internal contents of a pile (soil plug). 

For abandonment purposes the pile dredge removes soil from piles in preparation for using internal cutting tools. Hydraulic Pile Dredges are also available for shallow water use.


Deepwater Pile Dredge

The award winning Deepwater Pile Dredge, is an electrically-driven system with pumps that provide water jetting and suction to excavate piles at any depth.

The jetting provides a 360° pattern to fluidize the soil inside the pile, and then suction pumps remove the soil from the pile.


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Oceaneering dredges have a proven record of successfully backfilling previously excavated locations.

Drill Cut Remediation

Deeper wells and larger wellhead structures have increased drill cutting deposits, sometimes affecting nearby existing infrastructures.

Oceaneering dredging equipment collects and transports drill cuttings to designated disposal areas. Subsea dredges with attached collection buckets keep drill sites clear of debris. An ROV makes subsea connections and the drill cutting collection tool can be deployed without a rig.


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