Our ROV- or diver-deployed cutting solutions ensure reliable and efficient severing of subsea assets.

We use the abrasive waterjet cutting (AWJC) method during well abandonment and platform decommissioning operations. With AWJC, a high-energy jet of water-borne abrasive particles is used to quickly and safely cut hard steel alloys. This technology eliminates the use of explosives and reduces the risk of ignition.

External abrasive waterjet cutting tools are used for cold cutting applications. The diver-deployed solutions are available for shallow-water applications, while our ROV-deployed solutions meet the demands of deepwater decommissioning and cutting activities.

Internal AWJC Solutions

Internal cutting enables complete severance and confirmation of subsea cuts.


Internal Multi-String Cutting Tool (IMCT)

Our IMCT uses AWJC technology to sever conductor casings internally at least 15 ft (5 m) below the mudline, without the need for external dredging. The IMCT accommodates standard API casing sizes from 7 in to 20 in, and can be deployed from a platform, drilling support vessel, drilling rig, or heavy lift vessel.

In conjunction with the IMCT, we offer a 250-ton confirmation system that verifies cuts, which reduces costs and saves heavy lift vessel time.

Subsea Wellhead

Offering an alternative to a costly drilling rig, our wellhead picker is a lifting connector that houses the IMCT cutting assembly and latches onto the wellhead profile. This combined assembly can cut and recover a wellhead to the surface in a single deployment.

Internal Cutting Tool (ICT)

This tool severs piles, caissons, and braces internally at least 15 ft (5 m) below the mudline, using AWJC technology. The ICT completes mid-water cuts on jacket legs and risers to enable safe and easy recovery of piles through the jacket. Standard ICTs cut pile diameters from 20 in to 120 in, but can be modified for smaller-diameter cuts.

External AWJC Solutions

External cutting solves cold cutting challenges in deep and shallow waters.

Deepwater Abrasive
Waterjet Cutting

Our ROV-operated external cutting tool (ECT) enables external cutting of jacket legs, pipelines, and bracing, as well as subsea window cutting of tubulars. The tool uses a high-pressure slurry hose from the surface to feed the abrasive material. The ECT cuts 16-in to 72-in OD pipe, and can cut more than 10-in wall thicknesses (or several layers) at speeds up to 20 in/min.

Shallow-Water and Surface
Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

We also offer shallow-water and surface-installed AWJC tools for cold cutting operations. Various configurations enable a range of applications, including linear cutting of windows on a sunken submarine, splitting a 20-ft (6-m) pressure vessel in half, and abrasive hole cutting.

Mechanical Cutting

Our mechanical cutting solutions deliver safe, complete cuts in less time.

DWS Subsea Cutter

Surface Sectioning

Our system for surface sectioning of multi-string conductors is the industry’s most efficient and proven system for removal of oil and gas wells. We perform comprehensive structural analysis of the conductor assembly prior to and during the lifting process.

We make an internal cut below the mudline, pull the predetermined segment length, and automatically clean the conductor surface. Our dual drilling machine and guillotine saws section the conductor and eliminate the risk of igniting hydrocarbon pockets in the casing annuli.

Pipe Cutting and Beveling

We deploy our pipe cutting and beveling tools to cut piping and casings, complete weld preparations, and to counter bore pipe or tube diameters up to 84 in. Our tools cut pipes and tubes in all standard materials and wall thicknesses, offering time savings and improved cut quality when compared with traditional cut and grind methods.

Subsea Guillotine Saws

Our subsea guillotine saws are designed to deliver safe and efficient subsea cutting of pipelines, bracings, and beams. We offer diver- and ROV-deployed solutions for assets with outer diameters from 5 in to 32 in. Our patented, dual-blade system makes multiple cuts quickly and reliably in a single deployment.

High-Pressure Cleaning and Coating Removal

We combine abrasive waterjet technology and high-pressure pumping systems to provide high-pressure cleaning of marine growth from hulls, risers, strakes, and fairings.
We have coating removal services for fusion bond epoxy (FBE), concrete weight coating (CWC), thermal insulation materials, and other protective sheathes.