Naval and Marine Services


    OTECH performs a wide range of engineering and offshore services. Its expertise is derived from years of hands-on experience and has been demonstrated on complex programs such as the US Navy’s Submarine Rescue Diving and Recompression System and the Office of Naval Research’s Seabasing Programs High Capacity Alongside Sea Base Sustainment Large Vessel Interface Lift On/Lift Off ONR Future Naval Capability (FNC) Program, Small to Large Vessel At-Sea Transfer Technologies ONR FNC, and Interface Ramp Technologies (IRT) ONR FNC.

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  • Marine Services Division (MSD)

    Oceaneering Marine Services Division (MSD), located in Chesapeake, Virginia, is a full-service ship repair company with over 25 years experience supporting U.S. Government military vessels, including submarines, surface ships/crafts, and deep submergence systems. As a certified Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) activity, this division specializes in design, repair, maintenance, modification, and installation of Hull, Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic (HME&E) systems.

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