Oceaneering Brochures

Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)

Work Class ROV Systems
Nexxus – Letter
Millennium® Plus – Letter
Magnum® Plus – Letter
Maxximum® – Letter
eNovus – Letter

Other ROV Systems
Spectrum ROV – LetterA4
Sea Maxx SAT ROV – Letter

ROV Technologies
Atlas Hybrid Manipulator – Letter
3D High Definition Video – Letter

Subsea Products

Service, Technology and Rental (ST&R)
Service, Technology and Rental (STaR) – Letter

Engineered Solutions
Max 14 Jumper Plug – Letter
10,000 psi Internal Pipe Plug – Letter
Pipe End Prep Tool – Letter
Midspan Straightness Gauge – Letter
Tooling Control Units (TCU) – Letter
Gasket Removal Tool – Letter
Electrical Junction Box (EJB) – Letter
Flowline Plug – Letter
Subsea Oscilloscope – Letter
Connector Cleaning Tool – Letter
Emergency Disconnect Hydraulic Hot Stab – Letter
Riser Disconnect Tool – Letter
Strake Installation Tool (SIT) – Letter
Fairing Installation Tool – Letter
Tooling Deployment Frame (TDF) – Letter
MAX 8 Dual Transponder Survey Aid (DTSA) – Letter
Strake Clamp Tool – Letter
Subsea Jack-Hammer – Letter
Anti-Vibration Clamp – Letter
Quad Override Tool – Letter
Override Tool – Letter
Jumper Recovery Clamp – Letter
Subsea Chain Caliper Tool – Letter
90° Gear Box – Letter
10,000 psi Failsafe EQD – Letter
Auxiliary Accumulator System– Letter
Subsea NORM Inspection Tool – Letter

Rental Equipment
Fluid Injection Skid – Letter
Methanol Injection Skid – Letter
Auxiliary HPU Skid – Letter
BOP Intervention Skid – Letter
Linear Valve Override Tools (LVOT) – Letter
High Pressure Accumulator Skid – Letter
Collet Linear Valve Override Tool (CLOT) – Letter
Tree Crack Open Tool – Letter
Simplified Lockout Tool (SLOT) – Letter
J-Lock Tool – Letter
Pre-Measurement Tool (PMT) – Letter
Subsea ROV Winch – Letter
Subsea Digital Stills Camera – Letter
Subsea Intelligent Pressure Transducer – Letter
Subsea Caliper Tool – Letter
Color LED Camera – Letter
Subsea Intelligent Display – Letter
Subsea Digital Inclinometer – Letter
Subsea Flowmeter – Letter
Subsea pH Meter – Letter
Seasun 4000W Mid Water System – Letter
Seasun 4000W Single Work Light – Letter
9 Gallon Reservoir – Letter
Intensifier Pane – Letter
Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) – Letter
AX/VX Gasket Tool – Letter
Multipurpose Cleaning Tool (MCT) – Letter
Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) – Letter
Trash Pump – Letter
Soft Line Cutter – Letter
10k psi Marsten Bentley Pump – Letter
ROV Spring Release Shackle – Letter
Impact Wrench – Letter
Alignment Frame – Letter
Hydraulic Torque Tool (Class 1-4) – Letter
Torque Tool Gear Adapters – Letter
Torque Tool Test Jig – Letter
Hard Line Cutter – Letter
Subsea Digital Inclinometer – Letter
Subsea Data Logger – Letter
Subsea Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) – Letter

Standard Product Line
Mechanic Torque Tool Class I-IV – Letter
Pneumatic Torque Tool – Letter
Subsea Torque Test Jig– Letter
Manipulator Tool – Letter
Torque Tool Gear Adapter – Letter
Light Weight TA Cap – Letter
5 Station Valve Pack – Letter
10 Station Valve Pack – Letter
Test Manifold – Letter
Quad Zero Leak – Letter
ROV Operated Valve Actuators – Letter
Duplex Piston Pumps – Letter
Gauge Pack Stab – Letter
Hot Stabs and Manifolds – Letter
Hot Stabs - 2in – Letter
Hot Stabs - 4 in – Letter
Large Bore Pressure Stabs – Letter
17H Hot Stabs and Manifolds – Letter
17D Hot Stabs and Manifolds – Letter
ISO Bucket – Letter
Inclinometer – Letter
Flying Lead Orientation Tool (FLOT) – Letter

Deepwater Technical Solutions (cont.)
Deepwater Pile Dredge – Letter
Internal Cutting of Multi-String Conductors (IMCT) – Letter
GTO Diver Dredge – Letter
GTO ROV Dredge – Letter
GTO Subsea Dredge – Letter
Pipe Grapple – Letter
Super Grinder – Letter
ROV Deployed Chop Saw – Letter
2D Blueview Sonar Letter
3D Blueview Sonar Letter

Deepwater Processing Technologies
Hydrate Remediation Skid – Letter
Well Stimulation Tool – Letter
PAR Drilling Tool – Letter
FBE / Weldseam Removal Tool – Letter
Mechanical Pipe Lift Frames (PLF) – Letter
Pig Launcher and Receiver – Letter
Subsea Reservoir – Letter

BOP Intervention Solutions
BOP Intervention Solutions– Letter
BOP Intervention Skid – Letter

Grayloc® Connectors – LetterUK

Intervention Engineering
Field Development Hardware – Letter
Pre-Measurement Tool (PMT) – Letter
Single-Bore High-Flow (SBHF) Connectors – Letter
Subsea Intelligent DisplayLetter
Subsea Intelligent Pressure TransducerLetter

Installation and Workover Control Systems (IWOCS)
IWOCS Overview – A4

Subsea Distribution Systems
Diver Connected Umbilical Termination Assembly – A4
Dropped Object Impact Test Machine – A4
Bend Stiffness Qualification Test – A4
Flex Fatigue Machine (Large) – A4
Flex Fatigue Machine (Small) – A4
HiPerFlex Hose Line – A4
Hydraulic Flying Leads – A4
IWOCS Umbilicals – A4
Material Properties Testing Machines – A4
Pull-In and Hang Off Systems – A4
Single Bore, High Volume Jumper – A4
Steel Tube Umbilicals – A4
Subsea Junction Plates – A4
Subsea Umbilical Termination Interface – A4
Tension, Torsion, and Crush Test Machine – A4
Thermoplastic Hose Umbilicals – A4
Tube Seals – A4
Umbilical Portfolio – A4
Umbilical Termination Assembly – A4
Umbilical Termination Head – A4
Umbilical Tie Back Collar – A4
Weak Links – A4

Pipeline Connection & Repair Systems (PCRS)
PCRS Overview – Letter
B-CON – Letter
Diverless Connection and Repair Systems – Letter
Diverless Connection System – Horizontal – Letter
Diverless Connection System – Vertical – Letter
Hydraulic Double Grip & Seal Connector – Letter
Hydraulic Smart Flange (HSF) Connector – Letter
Metal Smart Flange (MSF) – Letter
Piggable Wye – Letter
Pressure-Balanced Breakaway Joint (PBBJ) – Letter
Smart Clamp – Diver Assisted – Letter
Smart Clamp – Diverless – Letter
Smart Flange Plus Connector – Letter
Smart Tap – Hot Tap Fitting – Letter
Smart Vent Safety System – Letter
Swivel–Ring Flange – Letter

Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV) -High Flow – Letter
Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV) - Low Flow – Letter
Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV) - Medium Flow – Letter
Chemical Injection Throttle Valve (CTV) - Low & Medium Flow – Letter
Climate Chamber Testing – A4
Helium Leak Testing - A4
Hydraulic Directional Control Valve - Series 15 – Letter
Hyperbaric Testing – Letter
ROV D-Handle – A4
Shock and Vibration Testing - A4
Simulator for Chemical Injection Throttle Valve – Letter
Subsea Control Unit – A4

Subsea Field Development
Field Development Hardware – Letter

Subsea Projects

DSV Ocean Inspector – Letter
DSV Ocean Patriot – Letter
DSV Ocean Quest – Letter

Diving Services
6-Man Portable Saturation Diving System - Letter
Grouting Equipment & Capabilities - Letter

Oilfield Projects
Oilfield Projects Overview – Letter
Conductor Slot Recovery Services – Letter
Internal Cutting of Multi-String Conductors – Letter
NCA Rig Chase – Letter
Sectioning of Multi-String Conductors – Letter

Gulf of Mexico MSV Vessels
MSV Ocean Alliance - Letter
MSV Ocean Intervention – Letter
MSV Ocean Intervention II – Letter
MSV Chloé Candies– Letter
MSV Ocean Evolution – Letter
MSV Ross Candies - Letter

International MSV Vessels
MSV Ocean Intervention III – Letter
MSV Island Pride – Letter

Communications Solutions
Communications Solutions– Letter

Asset Integrity

ACET – LetterA4
Acoustic Ranger – LetterA4
Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) – Letter
Advanced NDT Methods – Letter
CAIRS V - Inspection Database – Letter
Conventional NDT – LetterA4
Digital Radiography (Subsea) – LetterA4
Digital Radiography (Topside) – A4
Eddy Current Crack Detection – LetterA4
Guided Wave Technology – A4
Hydrotector – LetterA4
Inspection & Integrity Management (IIM) – LetterA4
Magna Subsea Inspection System – Letter
Neptune System – LetterA4
Phased Array Corrosion Mapping – LetterA4
Phased Array Flange Face Inspection – LetterA4
Phased Array Pipework Inspection – LetterA4
Phased Array Small Bore Scanner – LetterA4
Pipeline Automated Ultrasonics – LetterA4

Pipeline Radiography Services – LetterA4
Pulsed Eddy Current (PEC) System – A4
Pipescan - Tethered Pipeline Solution – LetterA4
Remote Aerial Vehicles (RAV) – Letter
SOLV - Coatings Maintenance Management – LetterA4
SOLV - Protective Coatings Inspection – LetterA4
Specialist Inspection Services – LetterA4
Splashzone Riser Inspection Tool – LetterA4
Tank Inspection Services – LetterA4
The SCAR System – LetterA4
Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) – LetterA4
Topside Digital Radiography – LetterA4
Trident System – LetterA4
Tube Inspection – LetterA4
Ultrasonic Corrosion Mapping – LetterA4
Vendor Inspection Services – LetterA4
WeldScan Systems – LetterA4

C-Nav Precise Point Positioning

AD591 – Letter
Airborne – Letter
Base – Letter
C-Nav286 Antenna – Letter

C-Nav Combiner – Letter
C-Nav 1PPSI – Letter
C-NaviGator III – Letter

C-Nav3050 – Letter
C-Nav7000 – Letter

C-Tides – Letter
C-Mariner – Letter
C-Monitor – Letter
C-Scape – Letter

C-Nav GNSS Correction Services (C-NavC1 & C-NavC2) – Letter

Advanced Technologies (ADTECH)

Advanced TechnologiesLetter

Space SystemsLetter
Exploration Suite (EXS) – Letter
Liquid Thermal Garment – Letter
Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory (NBL) – Letter
Terabot-S Manipulator – Letter
VideoRay – Letter

Marine and Naval Services
Marine Services Division Overview – Letter
Complex Structural Manufacturing Services – Letter
Deep Submergence Systems – Letter

Entertainment Systems
Revolution – Letter
Evolution – Letter
EVO-6 – Letter

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
CompactMover – LetterA4
MaxMover – LetterA4
mBox – Letter
SuperFrog® – LetterA4
UniMover – LetterA4

Oceaneering Technologies (OTECH)
Engineering and Manufacturing Solutions – Letter
FireDrill-2 SPAAT – Letter