ROV Workover Control Systems (RWOCS)

Our multi-functional, configurable RWOCS enables remote operation of subsea well equipment, lowering risk to personnel, and generating cost savings.

Our RWOCS offers a robust solution that leverages Oceaneering’s remote piloting and intervention experience, cross-trained personnel, and technological advancements to reduce personnel on board, free up valuable deck space, and enable cost savings.


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Reduces topside space up to 70%

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Reduces crew size by one-third

Remote Piloting icon MD

Enables remote piloting from shore

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Faster completion and installation activities

Eliminates HSE Risk icon MD

Eliminates HSE risks

Reduce CO2 icon MD

Reduces CO2 emissions by 40%

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Do more with an ROV

RWOCS optimizes completions, tree installation, workovers, intervention, and plug and abandonment operations. The solution removes the need for large, surface-controlled equipment, moving service activity subsea.

Key features

  • Designed to function with multiple OEM tree designs
  • Full FMEA and TRL studies performed
  • Multi-use applications for installation of trees, manifolds, and jumpers
  • Built-in redundancy for critical components
  • Extensive components qualification program
  • Chemical supply available
  • Capable of subsea pumping at 15k psi (HP supply) and 5k PSI (LP supply)
  • Fluid Storage for control fluids or chemical returns
  • Tray based design for quick simple replacement of components
  • Event logging throughout the operations
  • Modular design enables project-specific configuration

How it works

RWOCS delivers fluid at up to 15,000 psi to any subsea infrastructure with a tie-in point from manifolds and pipelines to pipeline end terminations (PLETs), and trees.

The solution supports completion of systems diagnostics while providing communications and data streaming, enabling reliable remote operations and onshore oversight of activities in real time.

Oceaneering’s RWOCS offers a clear advantage by providing valuable operational savings for deployment, hook up, test and commissioning, and recovery to topside.

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RWOCS configurations

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ROV Skid

Complete shorter operations with our ROV-mounted skid. This configuration requires less fluid, especially for vessel-based operations where an available ROV is already onboard, offering significant cost benefits.

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ROV Compact Skid

Our compact ROV-mounted RWOCS is specifically designed and engineered for shallow water applications and boasts a lower ROV payload requirement, increasing its ROV compatibility.

RWOCS Standalone 1 700x394


The standalone RWOCS benefits from an additional 150 gal of fluid from housed in an extra reservoir and the ability to be deployed subea for longer durations. The standalone version eliminates the dedicated use of an ROV, freeing up a rig or vessel’s ROV to execute other operations and further optimizing efficiency.

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The evolution of our experience

Over the last 10 years, Oceaneering has continued to innovate and evolve our workover and control products to take on larger and more complex scopes. Our skids are robust with additional added features.


Tree On Wire Installation (TOWI)

ROV skid based solution to perform Wellhead & Flowline Connector operation and testing activities.


Umbilical Less Tubing Hanger Installation (ULTHI)

ROV skid based solution to replace the umbilical during tubing hanger installation and testing activities.


ROV Operated XT & Tubing Hanger Installation (ROXTTHI)

Subsea solution to replace the open water umbilical during the XT installation and completion activities whilst providing a communication link with SCM.


Power Skids

ROV skid solution with increased hydraulic and electrical functionality to replace the open water umbilical during a XT installation and completion.


ROV Workover Controls System (RWOCS)

Evolution of our skid based solutions with inbuilt redundancy and onboard fluid capacity. Designed to replace the open water umbilical during XT installation & completion activities whilst providing a communication link with the SCM. Further added benefit of providing chemical pumping capabilities during subsea activities



Compact system with all functions required to replace the open water umbilical during a XT completion as well as communication link with SCM.

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