Intervention Workover Control Systems (IWOCS)

As your trusted IWOCS service partner for over 25 years, we help customers simplify operations, and deliver projects on-time and on-budget. Our systems are designed for both rig- and vessel-based operations, and are adaptable to provide the utmost operational flexibility.


An Experienced Global IWOCS Specialist

  • Tree installation
  • Completion
  • Workover
  • Intervention
  • Plug and abandonment (P&A)

Multiple Deployment Options

With four standard deployment options available, there is more flexibility in configuring your ideal IWOCS solution, than with any other service company. The ideal deployment method depends on project specifics, rig configuration, and your philosophy.

This method is the most simple and space saving in the moonpool area, but is only able to be deployed / retrieved with the marine riser.

1 Clamped

Features and Benefits

  • Not as affected by currents
  • Small footprint
  • Field-proven

The system can be deployed and retrieved independently from the marine riser.

2 Dual Guide Wires

Features and Benefits

  • Not as affected by currents
  • For older rigs, this may be the best IWOCS option
  • Dual Guidewire is a time-proven reliable method

This method improves deployment time, reduces equipment, and offers flexible placement on the rig or vessel.

Lars Open water c

Features and Benefits

  • Used on either a rig or vessel
  • Fast deployment - No guidewires and guide funnels needed
  • Flexible placement of equipment SIMOPS
  • Reduced amount of equipment

A proprietary high-pressure IWOCS solution utilizing industry-leading self-supporting umbilical technology.

4 Lars Self Supporting edited

Features and Benefits

  • Reduces footprint on rig/vessel by 50%
  • Reduces crew size by 33%
  • Combats VIV (Vortex Induced Vibration)
  • Eliminates crews suspended above water
  • Multi-use for installation of trees, manifolds, and jumpers
  • Used on either a rig or vessel
  • Away from moonpool area - flexible placement of equipment

How Does it Work?

An IWOCS is a temporary control system used to commission, workover, troubleshoot, or decommission subsea wells. Specialized equipment such as umbilical reels, hydraulic power units (HPUs), and winches are used to enable hydraulic and electrical control of subsea trees and related hardware.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Operations

Our systems can be used to control all subsea trees and/or landing strings, regardless of equipment manufacturer, configuration, or work scope. Adaptable equipment and experienced personnel significantly reduce your interface risk. Our IWOCS fleet can be mobilized and operated from a wide range of vessels and rigs.


IWOCS jobs performed

Available Technicians

dedicated technicians available worldwide




x 365 support


Working pressure up to 15,000 psi

IWOCS Service Models

Choose the model that fits your needs


  • Onshore and offshore operations
  • SIT and EFAT services
  • Interface engineering


  • Commercial options tailored to client requirements

Customer Owned

  • Storage, maintenance and operation
  • Onshore and offshore
  • SIT and EFAT services
  • Interface engineering

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