Real-Time Decision Making – Streaming Video to Remote Piloting

Remote Technologies Webinar Series - Episode 4


30 Minutes
Remote Technologies Webinar Series - Episode 4

About this Webinar

Oceaneering’s Onshore Remote Operations Centers (OROCs) enable the effective completion of offshore operations by keeping experts onshore, reducing operational wait times, and increasing collaboration among stakeholders. Access and manage your data when and how you need it while monitoring subsea and topside operations from shore. Oceaneering offers advanced live streaming and archiving solutions to meet your needs for real-time remote monitoring and data analytics solutions.

What will you learn?

  • How Oceaneering collaborates between locations
  • Challenges and benefits of a remotely operated service
  • Oceaneering Media Vault (OMV) for real-time ROV video streaming, subsea and topside operations monitoring from shore, and cloud-based data storage and management
  • EdgeSmart™ – Remote rig and vessel data monitoring

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Nick Rouge

Subsea Robotics Product Manager

TJ Gallagher

Oceaneering Media Vault Product Manager

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