We leverage more than 35 years of experience in subsea and topside valves to provide increased control and field-proven, reliable solutions.

We deliver superior products by maintaining in-house control over development, design, engineering, manufacturing, testing, and qualification.

Subsea and Topside Products

Chemical Throttle Valve (CTV)

Continuous subsea chemical injection via the industry's smallest, lightest, and most contamination-tolerant designs.

Hydraulic Directional Control Valve (HCV)

Control critical subsea functions with over 900 robust and contamination-tolerant HCV designs.

Rotary Control Valve (RCV)

Ensure your critical functions topside and subsea with our robust, high-pressure designs.

Topside Chemical Throttle Valve (T-CTV)

Accurate, continuous dosing via a filter-free, self-cleaning, and fully-automated chemical metering valve.

Subsea Hydraulic CAT-D Couplings

Support optimized system design while reducing costs and risks associated with welding, inspections, and more.

Product Qualification and Testing

Our valves are developed with an uncompromised focus on safety, quality, and reliability. Our robust systems for production, testing, and qualification ensure that we deliver the control solutions you require and support them with complete product traceability.
We use state-of-the-art test equipment to perform the qualification testing and factory acceptance testing (FAT) required to comply with stringent international market standards. Let our team qualify your product and ensure its readiness for the market.

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