Topside Chemical Throttle Valve (T-CTV)

Our T-CTV is a fully-automated, filter-free chemical dosing package that combines continuous and accurate flow measurement in a modular, plug-and-play design.

The T-CTV delivers precisely metered flow independent of fluid type, viscosity, and system pressure. The valve’s Coriolis flow measurement technology ensures superior, continuous, and best-in-class chemical dosing accuracy.

Best in class accuracy 1

Best-in-Class Accuracy

+/- 0.2% of reading

Contamination tolerant 1

Contamination Tolerant


Remote connectivity capability 1

Remote Connectivity Capability


Easy system integration 1

Easy System Integration


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Versatile and Robust Design

We deliver the industry’s most versatile, accurate, and robust T-CTV. Its modular plug-and-play design ensures it is easily integrated into both new and existing systems.

Lifting Point
Lifting Point
Variable Restrictor
Variable Restrictor
Valve Body
Valve Body
Ex d Controller Housing
Ex d Controller Housing
Ex e Junction Box
Ex e Junction Box
Coriolis Flow Meter Module
Coriolis Flow Meter Module

Self-Cleaning, Filter-Free Design

Our T-CTV is the industry’s only design that integrates a combined full-flush position with an integrated mechanical scraper. This feature ensures superior contamination tolerance and delivers unmatched, accurate, long-term performance without the need for filters.


Accelerate Your Digital Transition

Our future-proof T-CTV is designed to accelerate your digital transition. The T-CTV is ideal for unmanned and remotely-operated applications across industries and can be configured with optional Wi-Fi capabilities.

Oil and Gas

Chemical Processing

Waste Water Treatment

Medical and Pharmaceutical

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On Demand Webinar

Check out our webinar about the Rotator® Topside Chemical Throttle Valve.

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