Ocean Perception™

An integrated platform for marine mammal mitigation operations.

Ocean Perception™ is a unique software solution that integrates equipment and sensor information to a vessel-based control center, streamlining operations and overall situational awareness. Remote operations infrastructure allows data to be shared with other key stakeholders onshore.

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Streamline Marine Mammal Monitoring

Ocean Perception offers several advantages for your operations including increased offshore safety and efficiencies and reduced environmental impacts.

Improve operational efficiency with 24/7 operations and documentable insight

Reduce cost and risk while increasing collaboration

Increase reliability and accuracy with agnostic, advanced technology

Verify regulatory compliance with traceable and documented data

Leverage automated detection and alarm functions to protect marine mammals

Ocean Perception Ecosystem

Key Stakeholder
Connection via fiber cable or 4G
Connection via fiber cable or 4G
Booy Systems - PAM
Buoy Systems - PAM

Expanding the Field of View

Ocean Perception’s technological components expand the field of view for increased situational awareness both visually and auditorily bringing reliability, consistency, and accuracy during operations.

Increase Protection of Marine Wildlife

  • Noise monitoring
  • Reliable mammal detection to 3,000 m
  • Playback Capability for Species Confirmation
  • Mammal Autotracking

Reduce Operational Effects

  • Stabilization through rough seas
  • Clear visibility through darkness, fog, rain, etc.
  • Thermal Infrared Option

Increase Personnel Safety

  • Reduce non-productive time
  • Reduce exposure to elements

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