Integrated Rig Services

From survey and ROV tooling to IWOCS and other specialty technologies, Oceaneering offers true integration of services to improve HSE, streamline activities, reduce personnel onboard (POB), shorten vessel days, cut down on non-productive time, and lower your overall costs.

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Oceaneering’s singular accountability on- and offshore delivers a more efficient mobilization, reduced personnel onboard (POB), shortened vessel days, lowered carbon emissions, improved uptime and faster response times to critical needs.

With redundant dedicated offshore communications, these field labor-intensive operations become a streamlined delivery of quality services from shore-based mission control centers. Remote rig positioning, remote ROV piloting, and remote inspections are just the beginning of the cost and resource reduction services we provide.

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Integrated Offshore Service Teams

Oceaneering prides itself in the training and cross-training of its personnel. With our integrated offshore teams, you can reduce the number of personnel needed offshore for IWOCS and ROV operations. Reduced headcount and crew changes lowers your costs and HSE risks to those employees by keeping them onshore to address issues as they arise.

The offshore team will be led by a superintendent responsible for all contracted services, providing improved accountability for the entire work scope. Permanent ROV crews cross-trained to perform IWOCS functions enable Oceaneering to support transition from 12-hour to 24-hour operations using the existing crews while additional crew is mobilized.


Integrating the services for a typical
90 day drill and complete can recognize:

Reduced personnel mobilizations
and POB can achieve:


reduction in personnel mobilizations


reduction in peak personnel on board relative to purchasing discrete services


reduction in carbon footprint in personnel transportation and housing


savings in reduced transport and boarding costs relative the total discrete contracts value

Boost Your HSE

Reducing personnel onboard helps lowers operational risks to workers by keeping them onshore and cutting back carbon emissions. It also frees up bed space and simplifies logistics. Bring out only those workers you need, and let us assist you remotely.

We can perform rig positioning and ROV operations from our onshore control centers. We have experts stationed around the world to serve our customers 24/7 and can diagnose and solve any problems that arise.

Locations Available

  • Houston (GOM)
  • Stavanger

From our strategically located Onshore Control Centers, your SMEs have direct access to the offshore environment for critical operations.

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