The MSV Ocean Evolution can carry out IMR campaigns

Houston, Texas – Oceaneering International, Inc. announces that Oceaneering Australia secured an Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair (IMR) and Survey contract from a major Australian energy company. Oceaneering will mobilize in mid-November to carry out IMR and survey work scopes that include the provision of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) and survey personnel and equipment, subsea inspection, onshore … Read more

Oceaneering launched its fifth and sixth Isurus ROV Systems in March and May 2022, respectively, due to increased customer demand for high-speed, high current-capable work class ROV systems for Offshore Wind and Renewables projects

The Oceaneering® Isurus ROV system is a full work class vehicle rated to 3000m water depth with two manipulators and capable of operating heavy tooling. This will become even more important as offshore wind moves further offshore with floating wind projects. Isurus will be able to install and maintain the cables and mooring systems for floating wind, even in regions with strong tidal or oceanic currents.