Meet Raul Monteiro

I came to Oceaneering because of the company’s history of technology advancements. I enjoy working at Oceaneering because of the way we assess challenges, and the way we handle each operation effectively, with great safety and quality.

How long have you worked for Oceaneering?

I have been with Oceaneering for 12 years.

What is your role in Oceaneering?

I am a Workshop Manager.

What department do you work in?


How did you start?

I started as a trainee in 2007.

Raul with text

I love the challenges we encounter every day. There are always new projects that need a solution. Our mission is to act quickly and look for a solution to all problems, and to do so quickly, effectively and with quality in mind.

How has your role progressed?

When I started at the company, I was a trainee ROV pilot, and eventually progressed to Supervisor 3. Oceaneering then offered me a new position, where I transferred to the Tooling side in order to support the Subsea Project Group engineers on a project. After that, I started a new role as Workshop Manager (ROV-STR).

How long have you worked in your department?

I started as an ROV trainee. In my seven years with ROV, I have covered different roles and attained the ROV Supervisor 3 role. I was invited to switch to DTS/STR and move into the position I have today.

Tell us about a project on which you recently worked and what was memorable about it and what valuable lessons did you learn?

One that comes to mind is a local light well intervention (LWI) project. We had a short time to organize and test the equipment, but because of our great organization, we achieved the results on time. I learned that if we are organized, then we can more quickly achieve positive results.

What was the challenge?

The challenge was to get the equipment tested and prepared on time in order to be transferred to Sonils base.

What was the plan/solution?

We divided the team into groups. One team tested the equipment receiving support for the engineer team. Another group took inventory for the equipment. Another team checked the lifting certifications for all equipment and recertified all of them. Another team looked for cranes and trucks to transfer the equipment. We used 11 trucks at the same time. We also discussed all safety points, including all risks involved in the operation.

Four weeks before, we moved to Sonils to get a meeting with their logistic department’s main team to discuss the space needed to offload all equipment from the trucks, got all documents in place and followed all rules from Sonils to mitigate problems during the operation.

How did you come up with the solution?

We have a great team. We have internal meetings where everyone collaborates and proposes ideas. We included our logistic team so we truly worked as a team.

How was the job executed?

The job was great. We achieved positive results starting from the mobilization and the operation offshore through to the demobilization.

What was the highlight?

Our team's strength and motivation allows us to get positive results.

How have you seen our Mission, Vision, and Values (MVV) in action during your time at Oceaneering?

I would say the Mission, Vision and Values have grown since I started. In Angola, we started with ROV and we grew to include more business units. It is remarkable.

With MVV, we look for more challenges in order to solve complex problems for different clients. We are always looking for solutions every time we do different jobs. We have a great engineering team that gives support for solutions. We have a good machine shop where we can do welding and coating jobs. We can also do survey jobs and diving. We have more tooling offerings for clients like our new skids (HYLO SKID, FRS and HRS skid, etc.), Our engineering team have more challenges, and they create more tools to offer solutions for the clients.

I can see that Oceaneering is looking to get more local techs in higher positions. I see myself and others valued at the company. We have more space and opportunity to grow and establish good careers.