Oceaneering is devoted to creating a talented, diverse, and inclusive workforce. The Women in Technology series, presented in partnership with the Oceaneering Women’s Network, highlights the women contributing to our company’s technological advances. In this series, we discover what makes their jobs rewarding and what advice they have for the next generation of engineers.


Rosianita Balena is a Senior Product Development Manager for Oceaneering’s Emerging Technology team in Brazil. In her position, she enjoys drawing from her passion for engineering to inspire her leadership capabilities.

“I feel as if I am working with purpose when I am leading the engineering team. I am passionate about being a problem solver and I go beyond the management position.”

Rosianita has lent her skills to various projects over the last 15 years that were no small factors for Oceaneering.

“One leading project I am working on is a computed tomography (CT) inspection tool, which will allow Oceaneering to provide inspection services to check integrity of flexible pipes installed up to 3000m water depth.”

“I have been part of the umbilicals team in Niteroi for 12 years. I have supported Oceaneering strategy through high-pressure hose qualifications for multiple large oil field projects and by working on the revamp of Testing, Qualification, and Reliability Center in Brazil.”

Rosianita discovered challenges early on in the male-dominated engineering field. Some of the concerns she faced from clients were her ability to balance work and family life coupled with having to fight negative perceptions of women in leadership roles.

“Most of the time there were no issues about my gender, but I have faced some questions about my technical capabilities or availability to work, due to having a child, over the 20 years of work as engineer.”

When asked how she overcame these challenges, Rosianita said: “The way I sorted it out was by using teamwork and focusing on results to build the confidence they needed.”

Rosianita believes in the value of teamwork and how the company’s talent and values come together to successfully solve day-to-day work-related challenges.

“There are so many talented people within Oceaneering. Teamwork is the answer for all sorts of challenges and the diversity is key for the best results.”

For the next generation of girls and women considering a career in technology and engineering, Rosianita has this advice, “look into the skills needed and check if the requirements are aligned with what you want to do.”

“Engineering has a broad application and has space for women to collaborate and lead. Keep your mind open to changes and to learn every day.”

One piece of advice she says she wishes she had before she began her career is that “it doesn’t matter what you do. Do it with passion and keep the sparkle in your eyes.

“Be passionate about learning and evolving,” she said. “Proactively work on projects that align with your purpose in life. Keep your focus on people, as they are key to achieving the best results.”

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