Oceaneering is devoted to creating a talented, diverse, and inclusive workforce. The Women in Technology series, presented in partnership with the Oceaneering Women’s Network, highlights the women contributing to our company’s technological advances. In this series, we discover what makes their jobs rewarding and what advice they have for the next generation of engineers.


Morgan Keys is the Human Resources Coordinator for the ADTECH service line located in Maryland. The most rewarding part about her position is finding ways to support Oceaneering employees, she said.

“Whether it is through the employee engagement groups or committees focused on expanding diversity and inclusion; working at an organization that always looks for ways to provide a safe and productive space for everyone is just as inspiring as it is necessary.”

It is no surprise that many employees stay with the company for several years, she added.

“Oceaneering is well known for having ample opportunities for their employees within the organization, whether it is multiple locations or various paths to grow careers,” Morgan said. “What makes Oceaneering stand out from the competition is their willingness to grow their own employees.”

Morgan said that the biggest challenge she has encountered while working in the tech industry is navigating the male-dominated field.

“I have learned to navigate this by being confident in my work and never missing an opportunity to grow my skills,” she said. “As I am starting out in the field, I keep my professional goals close and count each small step as a victory.”

Morgan said that the next generation of women in the technology field should research where the demand is in their field before deciding on a degree or major.

“If you have insight on what skills organizations will be looking for, you will be able to prepare ahead of time and stand out when it is time to search for jobs,” she said.

“Also, do not underestimate the connections that you can establish through interning!”

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