Oceaneering is devoted to creating a talented, diverse, and inclusive workforce. The Women in Technology series, presented in partnership with the Oceaneering Women’s Network, highlights the women contributing to our company’s technological advances. In this series, we discover what makes their jobs rewarding and what advice they have for the next generation of engineers.


Kaoutar Sahmoudi is is a mechanical engineering intern for the Oceaneering Technologies (OTECH) group headquartered in Maryland. In her position, Kaoutar finds it most rewarding when she can see what she’s created come to life and serve its purpose.

“That feeling is incomparable and [one of the] reasons why I love being an engineer,” she said.

Kaoutar is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Materials Engineering from Frostburg State University. She most recently served as president of the university’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers during the 2019-2020 school year.

The group members were her support system and safe haven during times when she struggled with her major.

While she always loved making things with her own hands, it wasn’t until Kaoutar discovered her interest in math that she considered a career in engineering. She was recruited by teachers to participate in Project Lead the Way (PLTW) in high school.

“The PLTW track is what grew my love for engineering and allowed me to challenge myself in many ways that intrigued me,” she said. “Every day was something new and that’s what I enjoyed the most.” 

The biggest challenge for Kaoutar has been building her confidence and dealing with being a minority woman in a male dominated field.

“I came from a very different background than most in my college engineering classes. There were times where I was the only woman in my engineering classes,” she said. “I managed to push through with my support system of family, friends, high school teachers, and more.

“It took some time, but I built that confidence [by] believing, knowing, and showing that I am just as capable!”

Kaoutar credits her Oceaneering co-workers for making her feel comfortable as a first-time intern.

“I was a little nervous, but the engineers in Small Vehicles did their best to make me feel welcomed,” she said. “Being able to connect with many in a very diverse team was amazing. I honestly feel at home even in my short time here.”

Of the next generation of female engineers, Kaoutar advises not to be intimidated.

“You are capable. Believe it, know it, and show it! Things will get hard, frustrating and stressful, but hold your ground.”

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