Oceaneering Mobile Robotics Adds North American Manufacturing Capacity

March 20, 2023

March 20, 2023 – Chicago, Illinois – Today, Oceaneering announces that its Mobile Robotics group has added an extra production campus in Orlando, Florida.

Oceaneering Mobile Robotics Adds North American Manufacturing and Production Capacity
The MaxMover™ CB D 2000 at Oceaneering’s Orlando, Florida, production facility.

The location allows the Mobile Robotics team to expand their capabilities to support future growth. The campus, also home to Oceaneering Entertainment Systems, offers 238,000 sq ft of space dedicated to the assembly, integration, and acceptance testing of our mobile robot systems.

Henny Bouwmeester, Vice President/General Manager, of Oceaneering Mobile Robotics, said: “The new campus will support the manufacture and delivery of newbuild mobile robotic systems for the North American market. This move will enable us to more efficiently deliver recently signed orders while positioning us to ramp up to meet the future demand we see in the market.

Oceaneering Mobile Robotics will attend ProMat (Booth S3847) from March 20-23, 2023.

Oceaneering Mobile Robotics designs, manufactures, implements, and maintains innovative turnkey logistic solutions based on autonomous mobile robot technology. Its mobile robot systems consist of one or more robots, advanced supervisory software, and supporting infrastructure. These robots can be operated in mixed fleets. Integration management ensures that these turnkey logistic systems are optimized to suit customer needs and seamlessly interface with other customer processes, while OMR’s high-performance battery solution helps to lower customers’ operational carbon footprint. For over 30 years, OMR has been a trusted partner for the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, and logistics industries.

For more information on Oceaneering Mobile Robotics, please visit oceaneering.com/OMR.

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