Oceaneering Demos Live Deployment of Cost-Effective and Innovative Flowline Connection System

May 31, 2016


May 31, 2016 — Houston, Texas — Oceaneering recently hosted a live demonstration of an 8-inch vertical flowline connection system at the company’s Subsea Products facility in Houston, Texas.  

At the event, Oceaneering landed out an 85-foot jumper, showcased features of the second-generation vertical clamp connector, and demonstrated a controlled landing where the seal is made without special running tools. The demonstration also included a walk-through of the sequence for a subsea seal replacement with an Oceaneering-built remotely operated vehicle (ROV) tool suite.  

Oceaneering President Rod Larson, stated, “We have extensive experience delivering connection systems for subsea applications worldwide, and the capability to deliver broader services and products offerings and lower costs to our customers.

“The live demonstration showcased the efficient and simplified installation of a jumper with Oceaneering’s vertical flowline connector, and how we can tie-in flowlines and pipelines to subsea infrastructures. The 8-inch vertical connector we demonstrated at the event includes the legendary Oceaneering® GraylocⓇ metal-to-metal seal and answers market needs for a compact footprint, low-cost connector that can be installed without special tools,” concluded Larson.

For more information about Oceaneering’s connection systems, please visit: https://www.oceaneering.com/subsea-connection-systems/.

Oceaneering Demos Live Deployment of Cost Effective and Innovative Flowline Connection System