Subsea Engineered Solutions

Complex challenges call for creative solutions. From routine to extreme subsea environments, Oceaneering meets our clients’ toughest requirements and unique specifications to deliver innovative solutions that lower the total cost of ownership.

Oceaneering creates industry-leading engineered solutions through our technical and mechanical project management and rapid product development. With over 40 years’ experience, our in-house design and engineering teams are experts in solving industry challenges.

Product Development

Oceaneering provides new, reliable products for the life of field that lowers the cost of installation and operation for our clients. We have developed a comprehensive range of equipment and solutions that comply with the required standards and regulations globally.


Our extensive subsea operation knowledge and building blocks give us a unique understanding of customer needs within the subsea space.

Our in-house product development provides support from concept through to finished qualified manufactured product. Oceaneering delivers quality and timely products with the goal of exceeding customer expectations.

Typical Solutions:

  • Subsea production system (SPS) support applications
  • Tie-in installation tooling packages
  • Custom sealing and jacking solutions
  • ROV intervention tooling subsea hardware
  • Project specific equipment
  • Standard equipment and parts

Bespoke Subsea Repair Solutions

Our bespoke subsea repair solutions enables operation while maintaining production and system integrity. With over 350 skilled engineers and operational experts, our extensive portfolio and experience enable us to solve planned and unplanned subsea intervention projects, rapidly and cost effectively.


Jobs Successfully Completed
on Time and on Budget

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We offer fully integrated project management and engineering solutions for all kinds of subsea repair projects:

  • Valves
  • Subsea Distribution Systems
  • Clamps and Connectors
  • Flanges
  • XT Applications
  • Manifolds and Structures
  • Control Lines
  • Manifolds and Structures
  • Risers and Umbilicals
  • Modifications and Conversions
  • Ad-Hoc Problem Solving


Oceaneering provides custom solutions with local, in-house engineering, precision machining, and manufacturing facilities. A team of specialist tooling technicians and facilities delivers full scale, in-house site integration testing (SIT) and factory acceptance testing (FAT) capabilities.

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250+ engineers to fully handle design, structural analysis, interfaces and system integration for any subsea application.

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Six Sigma-level workshop with in-house machining capabilities and highly skilled technicians.

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State-of-the-art testing facilities for both subsea and topside equipment.

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Service and Maintenance

Service, maintenance, repair and product storage for all subsea equipment types.

Project Overview
Based on a unique customer requirement, Oceaneering developed an ROV-installable subsea ultrasonic flowmeter used to determine gas injection flow rate to an individual well offshore Australia. This tool was designed to optimize injection of a sealant into the wellbore by measuring flow rate in a 3 inch gas lift jumper coated in three-layer polypropylene (3LPP).

An Oceaneering team based at the Jandakot, Australia site worked with a team of local experts to successfully marinize an ultrasonic flowmeter and make it ROV-installable. For this to be possible, the flowmeter had to be fitted with a safe and reliable attachment mechanism.

Read the full case study here.

Linear XT valves fixed in an open position and suspected hydrate formation inside the compensation system.

The compensation system did not easily provide an ROV intervention point to access and allow pulling down the hydrates.

A ¾” Swagelok Cap was identified in a fitting stack above the Sea Chest. Bespoke ROV tooling was developed to enable the removal of the Swagelok cap and the installation of a collapse-resistant hose onto the fitting with a hot stab, thereby creating an Intervention point for hydrate remediation.

Featured Webinar

Creating Bespoke Solutions for Subsea Valve Repair

October 15, 2020

Complex challenges call for creative solutions. A client approached Oceaneering to repair failed valves on a subsea manifold. In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Oceaneering collaborated globally, from design through operations, to create an innovative solution for this unique challenge.

Subsea valve repair

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