Grayloc Technology

We deliver industry-leading solutions for connecting critical service piping and vessel systems.

The Oceaneering® Grayloc® metal-to-metal bore seal technology has been developed and incorporated into products ranging from the original Grayloc clamp connector to advanced connection systems.

  • Field-proven performance since the invention of the Grayloc clamp connector in 1951

  • Regional engineering, manufacturing, and sales facilities offer worldwide product and project support

  • CheckMark 01

    Fully-accredited ASME/ISO quality management systems provide 100% traceability of all components

Grayloc connections enable design optimization, cost efficiency, and reduced installation and maintenance times.

  • Reduced maintenance with leak-free, field-proven design
  • Conserves space and reduces weight with compact footprint
  • Faster installation, assembly, and disassembly
  • Incorporates easily serviceable and reusable components
  • Minimizes spare parts inventory

Our products are suitable for use in extreme service conditions.

  • Vibration: 80 to 200 cycles per second under 6,600 psi
  • High temperature: Service experience to 1,700 °F  (926 °C)
  • Low temperature: Routine liquefied gas service, including liquid hydrogen and nitrogen, to -425 °F (-254 °C)
  • Thermal shock: Routine service with temperature changes up to 300 °F (149 °C) per hour
  • Corrosion: Liquid sodium service at 1,200 °F (649 °C)
  • Leak rate: 10-6 atm cc/s helium
  • Pressure: Full vacuum to 60,000 psi
Our standard Grayloc product lines include clamp connectors, compact flanges, closure systems, and remote connectors. A full suite of piping components that complement these technologies is available, ranging from threaded fittings, crossover components, and integrated pipe fittings, to metering solutions, ball joints, and check valves. 

Grayloc connectors are used for critical service piping and vessel connections in a variety of industries and applications.

  • Oil&Gas

    Oil and Gas Production

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  • ChemicalPlanht 01

    Chemical Processing

  • Nuclear Dkblue 01

    Power Generation

  • Aerospace

  • Synthetic Fuels Processing

  • Coal 01

    Coal Gasification and Liquefaction

  • Foodprocessing Dkblue 01

    Food Processing

  • Envrionmental



Product and Project Support

We provide worldwide product and project support from our global engineering, manufacturing, and sales locations. 
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    Engineering Analysis and Design

  • EngineeringSupervision 01

    Project Management Services

  • Inspection and Repair/Rework

  • Assembly and Maintenance Support and Training