The Entertainment Systems Story

It all started with a call for help.

The stars of a major attraction in a brand new theme park were not capable of meeting the demands of their scheduled performances. The theme park was forced to cancel shows and leave visitors disappointed. Ordinarily, this type of problem would be remedied by the park’s engineering team. But, in this case, the performers were 6-ton, animated great white sharks, and the combination of animatronics and hydrodynamics exceeded the troubleshooting and repair capabilities of the park’s skilled team of technicians.

Who better to call to the rescue than a company responsible for designing and operating the world’s premier fleet of underwater robotic machines? While not an obvious choice to those in themed entertainment, Oceaneering had the right expertise and a willingness to help. Our experience in repairing and maintaining systems challenged to operate in the world’s harshest environments positioned us well to solve this unique challenge. We evaluated, re-engineered, manufactured, and installed a completely new set of animated predators, and the park successfully reopened the attraction. For more than 20 years, these animated stars performed their act hundreds of times daily.

Oceaneering Entertainment Systems was born. Now, more than 25 years later, that same can-do attitude, experience, engineering excellence, and innovative approach has been applied to some of the most sophisticated, complex, and challenging attractions ever built. With more than 50 high-profile projects, multiple Thea awards, industry-patented designs, and millions of pounds of equipment installed globally, we continue to deliver. The biggest names in the industry trust us to interpret their ideas and deliver innovative systems.