Energy Product Series

Episode 2

Beschleunigen Sie Ihren digitalen Übergang mit dem Rotator® Chemisches Drosselventil an der Oberseite

June 29, 2021

Auf Nachfrage

30 Minutes

About this webinar

For the most complex operational challenges underwater and on land, Oceaneering introduces the high-performance, digital transition solution, the Rotator® Topside Chemical Throttle Valve (T-CTV). Created to be utilized across industries, the T-CTV is a cost-effective future-proofed technology.  

This webinar will showcase how the T-CTV, precisely meters flow independent of fluid type, viscosity, and system pressure. It offers best-in-class accuracy, self-cleaning, filter-free design, and remote connectivity capability with optional Wi-Fi capabilities. 

What will you learn?

  • An introduction to the new Topside CTV
  • Live demonstration
  • Applications and advantages


Iconfinder Profle 1055000 |  | Iconfinder Profle 1055000

Robert Spenik
Senior Sales Manager

Iconfinder Profle 1055000 |  | Iconfinder Profle 1055000

Tommy Tolfsen

Sjur Fredrik Mosvold Brekke |  | Sjur Fredrik Mosvold Brekke

Sjur Fredrik Brekke
Sales Engineer 

Sandra |  | Sandra

Sandra Ackermann Gutierrez
IT Technician 

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Beschleunigen Sie Ihren digitalen Übergang mit dem Rotator® Chemisches Drosselventil an der Oberseite

Trade Shows Oceaneering is a global company, spanning several industries such as the offshore energy industry, defense, entertainment, material handling, aerospace, science, and renewable energy industries. Because our work is global, we strive to showcase our talent, expertise, technology and services worldwide at several important and high-profile trade shows per year. At Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, as well as European-centric trade shows like Offshore Northern Seas (ONS) and Offshore Europe, Oceaneering displayed a touch screen that allows users to bring our technologies and services to life with in-depth facts and figures, and informative videos. Another highlight of our conference stand is the live, mobile mission control center, which provides a look at our collaborative and operational onshore base, supporting all kinds of operations both on- and offshore, topside and subsea. The MSC allows you to optimize resources, hence reducing cost, lowering HSE risk, and lowering emissions to the environment. Trade Shows allow Oceaneering the ability to meet with the public and potential clients to give them more in-depth knowledge about our specialized tools and services. By meeting with Oceaneering’s subject matter experts about our offerings, clients and potential clients can get an open window into the types of services Oceaneering can provide. Oceaneering’s expertise covers the spectrum from remotely operated vehicles, subsea hardware, asset integrity, flow assurance, diving, survey and mapping, vessels, well intervention, workover control systems, pipeline repair, inspection, non-destructive testing, decommissioning, entertainment systems, renewables, umbilicals, valves, marine services, product testing and qualification, data management, vessel navigation and positioning systems, science and other research, and even space systems. Our experts are sought out for their knowledge and experience, to shed light on the latest innovative technology and trends within the wide-ranging industries we serve. They work closely to devise solutions to problems that couldn’t be solved otherwise. We demonstrate our value every day, striving to complete projects on-time and on-budget. Trade shows, including smaller, local meet-and-greets, help tell our story and showcase the expertise and innovation behind our tools, technology, and services. We aim to not only solve the unsolvable but demonstrate our value and expertise as a company, every single day, on every single job, all across the world. We hope to serve you soon.