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  • Freedom AUV in Offshore Magazine New Autonomous Subsea Vehicle Completes Qualification Program
    Pipeline survey is latest milestone for Oceaneering’s Freedom AUV
  • Isurus Featured in Ocean News Designing Work Class ROVs for the Future
    As the offshore industry looks toward sustainable energy production, remotely […]
  • Isurus ROV for Offshore WInd Send ROVer Over
    The Oceaneering® Isurus ROV system is a full work class vehicle rated to 3000m water depth with two manipulators and capable of operating heavy tooling. This will become even more important as offshore wind moves further offshore with floating wind projects. Isurus will be able to install and maintain the cables and mooring systems for floating wind, even in regions with strong tidal or oceanic currents.
  • Oceaneering Mobile Robotics Oceaneering Mobile Robotics at LogiMAT
    One of the key trends in materials handling, the rise of automation, was plainly evident at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, not just in the four halls (out of 10) devoted to shuttle and conveyor systems, robots and AGVs, but even among the “traditional” manufacturers.
  • LogiMAT 2022 FTS-AGV Highlights Oceaneering Mobile Robotics at LogiMAT 2022
    FTSAGV-FACTS Magazine took the opportunity to talk to Oceaneering Mobile Robotics’ DACH Sales Manager Peter Ossendorf to learn more about our latest innovations at the 2022 LogiMAT Conference in Germany.
  • Liberty E-ROV Supporting Subsea IMR with Resident ROV Systems to Reduce Vessel Days and Carbon Footprint
    In the latest issue of Ocean News and Technology, Oceaneering’s Alan Anderson, Jami Cheramie, Casey Glenn, and Kenneth Solbjør discuss how the Liberty E-ROV system delivers integrated subsea IMR campaigns that reduce vessel days and carbon footprint.
  • Photogrammetry How Smartphone Video Helped Repair Damaged Riser Offshore Brazil
    Oceaneering uses ‘video of opportunity’ from smartphone to build an approximate 3D model of a submerged portion of a riser offshore Brazil.
  • Freedom AUV Increased Demand for AUVs Drives Innovation, Adaptation
    Offshore Magazine – Increased Demand for AUVs Drives Innovation, Adaptation
  • Oceaneering Mobile Robotics Introduces New Robots Ozeane, Olfelder und FTS – Wie Passt Das Zusammen?
    Im ersten Moment, geneigte Leserschaft, gar nicht – doch wir brigen Licht ins Dunkel. Der 1964 gegrundete US-Konzern Oceaneering macht rund 2 Mrd. Dollar Umsatz und ist in der unterseeischen Erschlie-Bung von Olfeldern aktiv. Da fossile Energiegtrager, auf Strecke” keine superben Perspektiven bieten, gibt es den Geschafts-bereich Manufacturing Goods